21. Abra and the Psychic Showdown-

Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock arrive at Safferon City. Ash challenges Sabrina, the Safferon City Gyn leader. She is a very strong pyschic and she has a psychic Pokemon, Abra which evolved into Kadabra durring the batlle. Sabrina had this problem, she was to obsessed with her powers so dhe was devided into the person you see which is all serious and obsessed with the powers and a little girl who is happy and always looking for friends. There was a condission though, if Ash lost he and his freind would have to be Sabrinas friend forever. Ash lost. Sabrina shrunk them and put them into a miniature Safferon City and was about to crush them with a giant ball but with the help of this guy they met when they first arived, they escaped Sabrinas plan. He told Ash that in order for him to win he would have to get a ghost Pokemon. So Ash and friends went to Lavender Town.

22. Tower of Terror-

Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock arrive at Lavender Town. They reach a tower where ghost Pokemon hang out. Brock and Misty be chickens waits outside while Ash goes inside with Pikachu. Ash a tries to cacth one but he couldn't. A chandlelier falls on Ash and Pikachu and they turn into ghosts. He found out that the Pokemon just wanted to play and have fun and not scare anyone. Ash and Pikachu had a little fun but then decided they had to get going so they returned to their bodies. Ash and friends were walkin back to Safferon City. Haunter, one of the ghost Pokemons, didn't want Ash to leave so he decided to go with Ash to Safferon City and help him beat Sabrina.

23. Haunter Virsus Kadabra-

Ash challenges Sabrina agaian but like the first time there was the same condision, Ash and friends had to play with the little girl forever. The battle was started but Haunter didn't show up so Ash gave up and ran for his life. Brock and Misty were caught and turned into dolls and put in Sabrinas doll houase. Ash escaped with the help from the man they met when they first arived again. Ash and Pikachu went looking for Haunter. They found him wondering around the city. Ash challenged Sabrina Again. Haunter didn't show up again. Ash was going to be turned into a doll but Pikachu decided to fight for Ash. Durring the fight Kadabra was winning then Haunter showed up. He started joking around with Sabrina trying to make her laugh. Haunter succeeded and the two Sabrinas were joined together again. Sabrina lost the match cause she was laughing to much ans so was har Pokemon, they're pyschicly conected. Ash won a marsh badge. Brock and Misty were turned back into humans again. The man that helped Ash was Sabrina's father.

24. Primeape Goes Banannas-

On the way to Celedon City, Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock stoped to eat. They saw a wiled Pokemon, Mankey. Mankey took Ash's official Pokemon league hat. Ash trying his hardest to get his hat back was unsuccessful. Team Rocket realizing the stituation tries to capture Pikachu. They kick Mankey out of the way to get to Pikachu. Mankey being a vey angry Pokemon evolved into Primeape. Primeape beat Team Rocket up and started to chase Ash and his friends. Ash realizes he needs to catch more Pokemon so he tries to catch Primeape. He sends out Squirtle then Bulbasaur but they couldn't do it so he called them back and sent out Charmander. Charmander was getting beat up but then he use his special power called Rage, he will fight till the opponent is defeated. Charmander does beat Primeape and so Ash caught Primeape. Ash also got his hat back.

25. Pokemon Sent Sation-

Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock reach ????? City. They go into a perfume shop and Ash insulted the perfume and they kicked him out. He didn't know that the gym leader is the owner of the Perfume Shop so when he went to the gym to challenge the gym leader, they would not let him in cuase he doesn't like Perfume. Pikachu, Misty, and Brock were already in the gym. Ash is walking around and sees Team Rocket hanging from a tree cause they tried to still the secrete Perfume formula from the gym. They decided to help each other out, James and Jesse would pretend to be the parents and Ash would pretend to be the daughter. Ash got in and Team Rocket ran off to steal the formula. Ash's secrete was soon descovered so he challenged the gym leader and she excepted. The gym leader's name was Ericka and she has grass Pokemon. The match wasn't going well for Ash but hten Team Rocket appeard and started a fire. Everyone ran outside and tried to put out the fire. Ericka reallized she forget Gloom so Ash ran in to rescue it. He succeeded. At the end Ash got a Badge.

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