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1 DownLoads are not working..I'm trying to fix it.. Thanx for your patience.



Pikachu Saying Pikachu
Pikachu Saying Pikachuu
Pikachu Saying Pika Pika
Pikachu Saying Pika Pikaa!
Pikachu Saying Pika Pika!
Pikachu Saying Pika Pi, Pikachu(Not Working!)
Pikachu Saying Pika, Pika Pikaa
Pikachu Saying Piikachuuuu
Pikachu Pikachu shocking Ash
Ash Saying Ash Declaring...

Wave Format Pokémon Theme Song
Wave Format Pikachu Song
Wave Format Team Rocket Motto

Midi Format Japanese Pokémon Theme Song
Midi Format PokéRock (PokéTheme revised)
Midi Format Pallet Town Song

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