I know, this is a bit of a diversion from the regular pages of the forum but, being the crazy person that i am, i added a page. Also i was hearing it took to long for the main page to load up. I couldnt possibly get rid of VALoRs' signature Dragon, now could I? Nor the interesting flaming letters. Besides, for some reason people love the graphics, especially the dragons, but some muns got ticky since it took awhile for the page ta load. So i took some of the stress off of the Main page, and just added it here, in a shorter version at least. Enjoy, and when you are ready, tap on the orb, lightly of course.. ^_^

::ish boycotting UCoR::
UCoR Sux!!

..The VALoR forum is no longer accepting -anything- from the forum known as United Council of Rhydin. The reason being, tis simple..most Rhydinians know it in the first place. To place it in simple terms, their strength(dice) is fake..they buff themselves up on steroids and then go around saying the rest of the forums within Rhydin 'cannot live up ta their auditing standards' in their own words. They give out contracts on a whim, AAing whom they please as long as they have the right connections, lines or no..Within this forum you can get about just dayum near anything..as long as you know the right people. Anyways, i will shuddap..you get the idea.

{If you do not like what i have done, drop me aline, i'll listen to you, maybe..}

Woo Hoo!!..Counter..