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Greek Children's Literature Conferences (and other related conferences)

Conference "The Greek Children's/Young Adult Novel from 1980 until Today" (May 9th-11th, 2003)

The 9th Two-Day conference organised by the Greek Ibby Section -- Circle of The Greek Children's Book Association and the University of Thessaly successfully took place on the 9th, 10th, and 11th of May 2003 in the regional town of Volos and in Agios Laurentios of Pelion. The following themes and subjects were discussed: social realism, thematological developments, intertextuality, narrative structures, texts and paratexts, ideology, psychological views, readability, humanity and technology, heroes and anti-heroes, the European Idea, etc.

National Kapodistian University of Athens Department of Junior School Education 3rd Panhellenic Conference: "Literature Today: Aspects, Reviews and Perspectives" (Athens 29th, 30th November and 1st December 2002)

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The following topics were discussed:
1. Literature and Society
2. Literature, Theatre and Education
3. Literature and Technology
4. Round Table Discussion regarding literature in the age of multiculturalism

Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki Department of Preschool Education Sciences Conference: "The Icon And The Child" (Thessaloniki 27th to 29th September)

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Conference "Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators Annual Greek Region Conference (Hydra Island, Fri. May 31, Sat. and Sun. June 1, 2, 2002)

Conference "Illustrating Children's Books -- Experiences, Proposals, Prospects(Athens, September 29th, 2001)

On the 29th of September, 2001, the Circle of the Greek Children's Book organised a conference on the illustration of children's books. The programme included the following seminars/presentations:

1. Polydefkis Asonitis -- The History of Children's Book Illustration in Greece from 1841 until today

2. Gina Kalogirou -- Image and the Illustrated Book: Reading and its Didactic use.

3. Alexandra Zervou -- Ancient and Modern Greek Tradition in the Illustrated Children's Book -- Case Study: Sofia Zarambouka.

4. Angeliki Giannakopoulou -- Humour in the Illustration of Children's Picture Books.

5. Filomila Vakali-Syrogiannopoulou -- Trends in Children's Picture Books: Impressions from the International BIB-2001 Exhibition in Bratislava.

6. N. Andrikopoulos -- Image of Infiltration, Image of Extension...of the text

7. P. Zambelis -- Prospects of Children's Book Illustration.

8. Anna Mendrinou -- Conjectural Particularities of Children's Book Illustration.

9. Diatsenta Parisi -- Digital Technology in the Illustration of the Children's Book.

10. Sofia Fortoma -- The Educative Value of the Image using the pretext of two award-winning books.

11. Vaso Psaraki -- Techniques of Illustration: Personal Style or Method of Expression?

12. Christos Bouliotis -- Writing "Illustration"

Conference "Re-reading the Greek Classics (Readings -- Adaptations-- Teaching Proposals)" (Athens, Saturday 14th October, 2000)

Papadopoulos Publishers organised a one-day conference whose main theme was that of discussing adaptations of classic works of the Neohellenic literary tradition (A. Papadiamantis, G. Vizyinos, A. Karkavitsas, and others) for children. The various parameters (language, illustration, faithfulness to the original, etc.) which determine the quality and readibility of such adaptations were examined and presented for in-depth discussion.

Conference "Literature for children and adolescents: Fairytales, Prose, and Poetry" (Argostoli, Keffalonia Saturday 7 October 2000)

In collaboration with the Circle of the Greek Children's Book, a one-day conference was held on Saturday 7th October, 2000 in Argostoli on the Greek island of Keffalonia. The conference, "Literature for children and adolescents: Fairytales, Prose, and Poetry", was split into two sessions: "The Fairy Tale/Tales of Folklore" and "Contemporary Children's and Adolescent Literature". Papers were presented by academics, authors of children's literature, scolars,educators, illustrators and critics of children's literature.

List of papers presented during the conference "The World Of Children's Literature (Athens, Greece -- 15-17 October, 1999)

Unfortunately I cannot provide any further information other than the titles of the papers to be presented, however this list may act as a further guideline of the current trends of research in Greece.  Most of the delegates are academics of all stages (lecturers, readers and professors) as well as primary/secondary school teachers, librarians and PhD candidates.  The conference lasted a total of four days and all papers were presented in Greek.  I have translated the titles for your convenience.  

A.  Illustration of the children's book

Routzounaki-Bika, A. "The relationship between space and object in the illustrated reality of the children's book for pre-school ages".

Giannikopoulou, A. "Illustrated children's books: readability of the images by children of pre-school ages".

Stika, D. "Elements of recollection in my illustrations for children's books".

Economidou, A. "Children's picture books: narrative temptations".

Papantoniou, F. "Art books for children and children's literature".

B.  Research in children's literature

Kanatsouli, M. "The foreign experience of university research in children's literature".

Zervou, A. "Contemporary research in the children's book.  Case study of the Postgraduate Department of the University of the Aegean".

Katsiki-Givalou, A. "Children's literature 1880-1930.  Tradition or originality?"

Ilia, E. "Redetermining the nature of children's literature."

Kalogirou, G. and Economopoulou, V. "The eradication of linear narrative in works of contemporary Greek children's literature".

Kokkinaki, N. "Divorce in contemporary children's literature".

Tzaferopoulou, M.-M. "The contemporary visage of the adult man in Greek children's/adolescent literature".

Papadatos, Y. "Interculturality in the Greek novel for children".

Bartzis, Y. "How death is dealt with in Greek children's literature".

Mitrofanis, Y. "The voices of history and the narrator's objections in Galateia Grigoriadou-Soureli's historical novels".

Kallergis, H.  "Thoughts regarding the writing of the history of Greek children's literature".

Angelopoulou, V. "The critical consideration of contemporary children's literature".

Malafantis, K. "Children in the books of the Neohellenic enlightenment period".

Nakas, Th. "Neology and linguistic creation in the work of Eugene Trivizas".

Papadopoulos, D. "Idiomatic elements in the language of contemporary children's literature".

Tsilimeni, T. "Short stories of the last thirty years.  Observations and prospects".

Androutsopoulou, A. "Bibliotherapy and children's literature: Reassessment of the goals and the narrative psychotherapeutic standpoint".  

Michailidou, M. "Adolescent readings of literary texts".

Mitsou, M. "Fairy tale narration and adolescence: Accomplices in fraud--the process of adulthood".

Vasilarakis, I.N. "About the poetic narrative for children".

Karakitsios, A. "Poetry for children and adolescence during the decade 1988-1998".

Hatzidimitriou-Paraschou, S. "Poetry for children and adolescence at the verge of the 21st Century".

C.  Education and Children's Literature

D.  Round Table titled "Children's Literature and the Enjoyment of Reading"

E.  Folk Tradition and Children's Literature

F.  The Writing of Books for Children and Adolescents

I have not included the papers that shall be presented in the last four sections of the conference, however if anyone is interested in them, I can provide further information.  

The conference was organized by the Circle of the Greek Children's book with the support of the Hellenic Book Center .  Further information about both organizations may be found in the home page links as well as in the Personal Commentary and Information pages.