Queen of My Soul  Meaning of Life

A being of pure light,                                                             What is the meaning of Life?
With a heart of gold.                                                              The ultimate question,
Her inner beauty equals her outer,                                          The question that has been left unanswered,
Her presence would make the weakest man bold.                  And perhaps the only question that has no true answer.

A beacon of hope,                                                                  Is the meaning of life simply to exist?
Which I clung to with all my might.                                          Or is there some deeper meaning,
For to me, she was everything,                                               Maybe we live just to allow life to select our path,
She is the most beautiful sight.                                                Or does each person live to fulfil a specific destiny?

She is and always will be,                                                      Some people believe the first.
She was and always has been.                                               That life is merely meant to be lived,
I used to consider a lot of things beautiful,                              To accept what happens,
But next to her, everything else is ugly and mean.                   And not bother trying to change anything.

Life used to have no meaning,                                               Others believe that they have a destiny to fulfil.
Too late I realised that she is the meaning of life.                    That there life is incomplete unless they follow it.
I love every moment near her,                                               But then, how do they know what their destiny is?
When we talk, this world is no longer one of strife.                How do they know if they are on the right path.

She means the world to me,                                                     I choose to believe that there is a point to life.
And everything that it contains.                                              That the meaning of life is to find happiness,
And if she ever said the word,                                               Happiness and companionship,
I would gladly send it all up in flames.                                    And maybe even to help others find it?

She never told me no,                                                             I know I am no philosopher,
She never told me yes.                                                         And as yet I am still young and have little experience in life.
Did she not realise, or take the easy way?                    But I believe I am smart enough to have my own opinions of this, Or was it some kind of test?                                                 And that maybe the meaning of life is different for everyone.

Queen of my soul.
Destroyer of my mind.
Betrayer of my heart.
Keeper of all.


Given and Returned

                                                    Is love truly love if it is given but not returned?
                                                    I have seen people in love,
                                                    When the love is being returned.
                                                    But would it still be love if it didnít go both ways?

                                                    I thought I knew what it felt like.
                                                    To love someone when it was not returned.
                                                    But is it love if it does not come back to me?
                                                    I do not have the answer to that question, I wish I did.

                                                    Maybe one day I will know the answer,
                                                    I hope that one day the love will be returned.
                                                    But it is only a hope and not an answer,
                                                    For an answer, I think that my love will need to be returned.
                                                    There is one, someone whom I thought I loved.
                                                    But now, all I know is that I care about her deeply,
                                                    More than anything in the world, or even the universe.
                                                    I thought it was love, but it was not returned, so is it?
                                                    I only wish that my love was both Given and Returned,
                                                    I still feel the same about her,
                                                    But I no longer know what it is I feel.
                                                    I only know it is an emotion previously unknown to me.
                                                    She means the world to me, she is the most beautiful thing ever.
                                                    I live only to make her happy, only to see her beautiful smile.
                                                    Is this love or something else?
                                                    Is this love even if it is Given but not Returned?