Philosophies and Religion
of the world we live in..........



    My thoughts and ideas of reality can seem rather wierd.  So to make it easier for anyone who reads this, I will format my thoughts as questions:
The first is: When I die, will the Universe still exist? This is an interesting question, I think.  At first it may seem to be nothing but an arrogant statement of my self importance.  But the question is one of a persons perspective of reality and relative only to whoever percieves it.  For instance, for each individual there is a reality, or THE reality and everything else is nothing but a figment of that individuals imagination.  People, places, objects, even this Web Site could be nothing but a kind of dream to the individual.  A hard concept to grasp at first, an easier way to explain this is to consider that the individual is indeed asleep and dreaming, and that when they die, they wake up.
    There are many variations to this line of thinking.  Maybe the individual dreams of people and places in the so called "real world" or maybe there is no such thing and the individual is the only actual being in existence.  Everything could be a puduct of the imagination, the history of the world, known fact such as wehter or not aliens exist, even religious beliefs could be nothing but vivid imaginings.