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All war events are permanent. Death Matches, Assassinations and POWs are held at the mercy of their captors/opponents. Basically, war is hell and we want to keep it as realistic as possible. The only exceptions are Mock Wars, which are detailed below. This means that if your s/n is killed, they need a rezz, and that rezz needs to be taken from the total rezzes listed in your profile.

To declare War, the GC and SiC of a House/Organization must submit in writing to the Minister of War (MoW) and the High Chancellor (HC) & Executive Chancellor (EHC) a Declaration of War which will include the following:

full name and acronym of their House/Organization

The full name and acronym of the House/Organization war is to be fought with/against

The reasons for the War Declaration

Their most recent roster (with Assassins and Spies)

A roster of participating members in the war

A current total of the House's/Organization's experience points and gold pieces pools

List of all Allies and Mercenaries (this might include CR Free Citizens) hired to fight in the war

the Rules of Engagement

Once the MoW sends the warring parties the okay, they may start the War, but as always, there are some rules.

Anyone not on the initial War roster submitted is not allowed to be involved with the War in any way except for Forum Healers.

All War matches will need a single witness from both Houses/Organizations participating in the War. They need to have the opponents names, witness's names, which fighter they witness for, the fighters' forum dice, and terms for the fight, (i.e. how many points they fight to), all on the Match log. The exception to this is Assassination Attempts, as they rely on Stealth, but they do need to be logged and have an approved war contract.

All matches (DM,POW,RM,or AA) must be logged and sent to the MoW, HC & EHC. They will review all logs and have the final say in any disputes.

Allies or parties not listed in the initial declaration of war cannot be asked to assist once the war as started.(subject to later review, perhaps an addition to the declaration of War state allies participating in the war-- in cases where there is a story line this might be allowed).

All normal RM,DM,POW rules will apply to War, also include the House/Organization names participating in the War in the logs. AA contracts for the purpose of the war will need only 1 10-line log, but it must have the target in it, and the assassin, and be logged by the assassin, just as the normal AA logs are. Wartime AA statements must include all the normal Forum requirements, but they also need the Clan's/Guild's/House's/Organization's names participating in the war.

After 48 hours a RM may be fought by a POW with any member of the opposing Guild or Clan in the war, provided they are on the war roster, and not a Ghost or POW.

There is only 1 rezz granted per individual, per War, and that rezz counts against your total of 5 rezzes. If a person is killed 2 times in the War, they are out of the War until the War is over, and may not participate in any way. This only applies for war actions that allow rezzes. If non-rezzable DMs are fought, there will no rezz once the war is over.

Each week the War goes on, the House/Organization Master/Misstress needs to send in an updated War roster in to the MoW. This roster needs to have all of the member's current status (ie, Ghost, POW, and who has been killed in War). No new members can be added to the updates. So whoever is on the initial War roster shall be the only ones to participate until the War is over.

If a person wants to surrender during a match, they may call Halt to the match, and state to their opponent that they wish to surrender. Surrenders do not have to be accepted, but if they are, they person needs to state terms for their individual surrender (ie, will be POW for 72 hours) Their opponents do not have to accept the surrender and may say no and continue the match if they choose to do so.

Ghosts and POWs will state in their profile their war status. Ghosts are those warriors who have fallen on the field of battle (lost a DM and used their 1 War rezz). They can no longer participate in the War in any way until its conclusion. POWs have lost a POW match which is described below.

If a House/Organization wants to surrender to their opponent, the Master/Misstress and the SiC must send a missive stating they wish to negotiate to the opposing sides leaders and to the MoW and the HC&EHC. At that time, a meeting of the warring parties will be called to be mediated by the MoW with either the HC or EHC present, and a Peace Treaty signed. The winning party will get 1/2 of the losing sides Exp and GP pools and anything else that was negotiated, e.g. slaves. The treaty negotiations will be held in a nuetral place.

Any complaints of breaking the rules will need a log to verify the allegation. Send the log to the MoW, HC, and EHC.

If it's proven that one of the of the two fighting sides or one of the their members has violated any of the above rules, the MoW or either the HC or EHC, will step in to resolve the situation and hand out appropriate sanctions to punish the offending party (ies).

War Games

Many times organizations choose to hold Mock Wars with another group to give their members experience in war, or just for entertainment. Whatever the reason, all of the rules stated above shall apply with the following exceptions:

All DM, RM, SM, POW, AA matches become null and void at the end of the Mock War ((meaning that if your s/n died, he/she gets auto rezzed after the war)). All participants will remove information pertaining to such from their profiles after conclusion of the Mock War. Mock deaths and rezzes do not count towards the total 5 rezz pool.

Individuals participating in the Mock War receive all exp's and gp's earned in matches, however at the conclusion of the Mock War, the "winning" party shall not receive any of the losing side's Exp's or GP's. The "losing" side loses only a little respect...

For information or concerns related to the art of warfare

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