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First, let's start with a forum definition of slave.


A person that is the property of another person, either by being collared, or by loss of a Slave Match. Slaves cannot own slaves of their own or fight in SMs to gain slaves. Simply put, slaves do not own property. They are their masters/mistresses property. This mostly applies to those who are slaves for life. Slaves do not have any rights granted to free citizens. Slaves are property is the bottom line.

[OOC: A slave character must have in his/her profile the name (SN) of the master/mistress and the length of servitude, whehter it be for life, or a matter of a few days.

Only legal age players may role play slaves. Also, child slaves will not allowed within this RPG Forum. Pleasure slaves or slaves used for sexual purposes are also not allowed within the game play of this RPG Forum. The reason for this is that on line you can't guarantee the age of the players which is a liability for everyone involved in this game. So pleasure slaves are not allowed period. Only work slaves and entertainment slaves (slaves who serve to entertain their masters via dancing or some sort of art, but no SEXUAL Anything! Any one found rping a pleasure slave will be dismissed from the CR along with their character's master/mistress and house. Both the muns of the slave character and the master/mistress character are responsible for determining the terms of the servitude and the type of servitude. This includes what is not acceptable and what is tolerable within tasteful confines of role play. The bottom line here is to respect each other as mature players. Remember that only the characters are slaves or masters/mistresses and not the muns.]

Slaves can be disciplined by any free citizen of the CR if they are out in public without their owners. This does not mean that the property of another can be abused, maimed, or tortured. If any damages are incurred during the transaction of disciplining an unruly slave in public by another, that individaul must compensate the slave's owner.

All slaves are to wear simple garments and simple branding marks. Many owners use their slaves to show off their wealth and power. However, please keep it simple. It is unlikely that a slave will be wearing a diamond studded collar. Remember, what slaves are and keep the RP realistic. Slaves should be distinguished on sight from free persons.

Slaves are not allowed to breed or begett offspring of their own. All owners must ensure that their slaves are seeing healers to ensure proper contraconception or birthcontrol methods.

Collaring a Slave

Simply put this is the placing of a collar around another; thus, making that individual a person. If the person that is being collared successfully fights of the attack, they go free. If the collaring is succesful, the person becomes a slave.

[OOC: Force Collarings are not allowed in the CR with out mun consent first. When collaring a slave, steps must be taken. BOTH muns MUST agree on the terms of collaring and the position that the slave it to partake. The Slave mun must be of legal age for the SM to be valid. A statement must be sent to the MoS (Minister of Slavery) with the collaring logged and a letter from both muns agreeing on the consent of the slavery. We would like this to be two separate letters to insure the truth of the agreement. A slave for life and a free collar that are pleasure slaves or house slaves are dropped to the status of 1d20 and cannot gain dice higher than 1d20. Exceptions to this rule are Gladiators and slaves that serve as Body Guards {see below}. Short termslaves are dropped down to 1d and their dice are to be equal to sides by right of their current exp's.]

OOC: The Playing of the Forced Collaring

Note: You must log everything including the IM section. If this part is missing from the log, the forced collaring will be made invalid.

1. Slaver character mun contacts the intended slave target mun via IM or in the Room OOC. The intended slave target mun must be asked if they will allow their character be collared for the purpose of being a slave. At this point terms must be discussed and agreed upon. Terms must include the lenght, type of servitude, and what is acceptable and unacceptable for a slave character to do. It is also recommended that both muns keep a coppy of the log.

2. If consent is given, the players engage in a collaring match.

3. The log must include the name of the slaver (SN) and intended target slave name (SN). Log must state that this is an Force Collaring Attempt.

4. Both slaver and potential slave use 2d20 to fight the Forced Collaring Attempt.

5. If the slaver rolls 03 points total in any given roll, the target becomes a slave provided the slaver has managed to put the collar and lock it on the target.

6. At any time during the forced collaring attempt, the potential slave has the right to flee or fight. If they intend to flee, they will have to state this on the log OOC wise. (i.e., I plan to roll to flee). Once this is stated in the log, the potential slave rolls 2d20 and must roll a total of 03 points to flee. If they roll 03 points in their roll, they rp a flee scene.

Note: You must role play the entire scene out. If you only roll and there is no role play, the Collaring Attempt will and enslaving (if successful) will be ruled invalid and the slave will go free. The log must be sent to the MoF.


OOC: Matches are to be followed as any spar or match. The name of both opponents and the final score and terms are to be sent with the log to MoS for validation. Before the slavery can officically begin, the loser has the right to a RM (Release Match), either fighting him or herself, or having a proxy stand in and fight for them. This log must also be sent to the MoS. An RM may be fought every two weeks, but loss of an RM can make for an extended slavery period. Terms are to be set for the win/loss and agreed to. A loss in a SM ends with a person being a slave for a determined amount of time. The time is to be preset in the terms of the match. A slave of a term no longer than life suffers no losses, and only needs to state who the owner is, and for how long the servitude shall be. The winner of a SM will receive 30x the difference of the final scores in exp's (e.g. final scores of 50-30=20x30=600exp's). The loser will receive 5 exp's.

An RM may be fought every two weeks, but loss of an RM can make for an extended slavery period. ( OOC: The winner of the RM receives 25 x the difference of the final scores in exp's (e.g. final scores of 50-25=25x25=625exp's). The loser will receive 5 exp's. ) If the RM is won (slave or person who fought for the slave), the slave goes free. If the RM is won by the slave owner or master, the slave does not go free.


The owner or winner of the SM is the Master. This person has the right to control and act any way he/she feels with the slave. ( OOC:Slaves that are collared must be over the age of 13 in character. Remember, this is all by mun consent, so it is up to the muns to say when the line has been crossed.) The master has the right to sell any slave that is owned or is in life servitude. Short term slaves are not to be sold. Also, a slave of less than life cannot be killed by the master unless it is taken to a DM (See Death Matches for workings).


Slaves can be taken anywhere in public rooms (OOC: actions are to be complied with the AOL TOS rules ). Punishment of any severity Must be delt with in the privacy of a master's/mistress' domain. [ OOC: Always keep in mind that role playing adult elements on line is a risky situation, since you have no guarantee that each player's legal age. In light of this, we will not tolerate explicit adult situations in the public chat rooms. In the public chat rooms, keep in mind that there might be minors. ]

Selling a Slave

Life slaves and free collars can be sold to any other slaver or free person. A letter of the agreement (including: The slave's name, the current owner, amount to be sold for, and to whom) must be sent to the MoS. Money from the transaction will be set in the guild's statement that is sent to the MoF at the end of the month.

GM's is a concept in which the loser of a SM may be held by the winner (upon their consent) as a "gladiator" in which the winner may force the gladiator to fight a fixed DM between the owner of another gladiator. [OOC: However, both gladiators' dice must be within 5 sides of the others. The losing gladiator MUST delete, as with any normal DM. Gladiators keep the dice equal to their experience and their race {see dice secotion for details on dice}. This is to be kept to free collars and life slaves. Slaves won in a SM that is less than life term can do this only with mun consent. Temproary slaves loose no loss in dice and keep their current CR dice rateing. Money won by these matches belongs to the master and can be shared with the gladiator as the master sees fit. Experiences earned by the winning gladiator and their owner are 25x the margin of victory. GP's earned for both are 20x the margin of victory.] After 5 fights, the terms of the original SM are no longer applicable and the gladiator is set free if the slave wishes to be freed. ( OOC: The slave must state that he is a gladiator and how many fights he/she has fought in his/her profile.)

This is a slave that serves as a protector to his or her master/mistress. These are the only slaves allowed to bear weapons. ( OOC: The slave keeps the dice equal to his level and experience awarded for his or her race.) This allows the slave to partake in protecting his or her master in AAs {see AA section} or standing in as a proxy in such matches where proxies are allowed. (OOC: A slave body guard must state who it is that he or she protects in his or her profile. The names must be speciific if it is more than one person. eg. The slave cannot have Body guard to the whole Slave house or certain family.)



All missives concerning Slaves and Slavers should be sent to Si', and please enter the purpose of the missive in the subject line so it will not be wrongly discarded,

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