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OOC Note:Now, I know that it's rather simple to just roll one's dice until a goal is achieved. Does it seem to easy, or is it just me? I first really thought about this whenever I was asked to remove a minor curse/hex on m'nephew. His mother had put a spell on him that locked the worst zootsuit on him for a rather long time.::laughs hard remembering that:: Well, to achieve the goal of the spell removal, I had to reach a certain amount of points in a certain amount or rolls. Needless to say, m'nephew had to wear that suit a wee bit longer than he wanted. To tell you the truth, I liked the fact that I had failed the spell removal. Not just because I thought m'nephew looked silly, ::chuckles:: but because I found a limit in m'skills and powers. I want those to be limited and have to work hard to achieve their goals. It's not that I see priests and priestesses with swelled heads as some assassins get, m'apologies if I offend. I would just like a wee bit of realistics involved, and allow some room for failures. Doing this will open up Role Playing a bit more.

Religious Individuals
Religious individuals including the following, but it not limited to: Priests/Priestesses, Monks, Shamans, Nuns, Saints, Holy Man/Woman, Clergy, Cardinals, Bishops, Paladins, etc.

All priests/priestesses, clergy, monks, nuns, saints,holy man/woman, clergy, cardinals, bishops, paladins, etc, use their forum dice to roll for all religious rituals. Exp's are earned for this as well.

Religious individuals take up the calling of serving in their faith out of nature of helping others, not for self interest/self empowerment/enrichment, whether of a light, good, evil dark, or neutral belief system. Others take up the calling of their faith to sever their deity(ies). Priests should keep in mind that they are supposed to only have enough to survive, giving tithes to their churches and higher ups for the maintenance of the church, helping the less fortunate, and the poor--maybe buy their leaders out of KA's. Religious communities can earn GP's and keep GP's to sustain themselves. This is just a suggestion and not a rule. You may role play your religious character as a self-serving corrupted individual.

Religious Communities
Members of the cloth/robe who are of the same faith are encouraged to establish communities or guilds composed of members of the same faith or religion with a clear structure of order (eg Monks, Nuns, Priests, Cardinals, Bishops, Templars, etc.) as opposed to GC, SiC, TiC and so on.

Roll of the Dice:
For all rolls, in order to continue, a priest must on the first try roll 2 points. If 2 points are rolled, the priest may continue rolling until the HPs are reached. If they fail to get 2 points on the first, roll, the priest must wait a period of 24 hours to try again on the same person and perform the same ritual on that person.

In order to receive credit for a ritual and earn exp's and have gp's acknowledged, you must log the event. All logs are to be sent to the Minister of Religion . Logs must include the following elements in the log body, as well as creativity and RPing:
a> Name of Priest and SN performing the ritual.
b>Forum License
c> Type of ritual
d> If Priest has to roll dice, priest must state their forum dice, HP level of target, and HP's needed to complete the ritual with success
e> In the subject heading of the log, include your SN, exp's earned, gp's earned, if any, and type of ritual. Any logs that lack this information in the subject heading will be returned to you, and it will not be validated.

If you are Free Form Player, still send a log indicating that you are FF along with the other information stated above minus the exps. FF players may earn 45gps per successful ritual that they perform.

Non-FF players are encouraged to role play a scene out with out the use of their forum issued dice. Players who do this, will still earn the allocated exp amount indicated with the ritual they are performing. This only applies if the ritual is successful. However, you will not receive the 45gps allocated to the FF players.

Religious Duties

The removal of demons, spirits and ghosts from someone/something that is possessed. Exorcisms tax a priest physically, emotionally and psychologically draining them of energy. The priest performing this ritual is in danger of losing their own life and soul. For exorcisms, priests are awarded 160 exp's. Priests will use the following HP table:

Dice Level =HP's

2d 3d 4d 5d
d10-d20 5 6 7 18 20
d30-d40 10 11 12 18 30
d50-d60 15 16 17 28 40
d70-d80 20 25 27 43 50
d90-d100 25 30 40 50 60

There can be 2 different types, minor and major, from magic spells, voodoo, etc.
Minor: Anywhere from eternal stench, to maybe not being able to walk without tripping all the time. I am sure that this can be determined easily depending on what is going on. Awarded Exp for minor being 50 points. Individuals removing a minor curse must counter roll the roll that was used to cast the spell.

Major: Rapid aging, a lingering demon cursed to follow you, etc. Exp points earned for removing a major curse are 100. Individuals removing a major curse must counter roll the roll that was used to cast the spell. If someone rolled a 100 for it to be successful, you must roll a 100 to remove it.

The act of channeling a lost soul (after the person's death) back into their body to once again live among us. The 10/20/30/40/50 HP rule will be used when rezzing someone. The priest/priestess must initially roll two points in order to keep rolling. Every roll after the first initial roll, must equal two points. If successful they keep rolling until, they reach the target's HP level. In CR, there are characters that will have 4d/5d listed on their profiles or life scrolls, in cases like this, one uses 50 HPs for a rezz. A rezzing log must have the following OOC information:
1) (CR Rezz on SN of Person/Creature being Rezzed)
2) (Performed by SN of Priest/ess and CR License)
3) (Priest/ess Forum/Guild Dice)
4) (Total Hit Points Need for Successful Rezz--- stated as 0/20;0/30, etc. etc.)

After each roll the total hits must be stated, for example 33/40 and so on after each roll.

Points Scoring System:

1-14=0 15-19=1 20-24=2 25-29=3 30-34=4
35-39=5 40-44=6 45-49=7 50-54=8 55-59=9
60-64=10 65-69=11 70-74=12 75-79=13 80-84=14
85-89=15 90=16 91=17 92=18 93=19
94=20 95=21 96=22 97=23 98=24
99=25 100=26

Note that if you fail rezzing a subject, that subject must find another priest/ess. If you wish to try again on the same subject, you must wait a period of 24 mun hours before you try again. Healers are not need to rezz a subject. If a healer is available, the healer may be summoned to expedite the full rezz. In this case when a healer is present, the subject must first be rezzed and then the healer tends to the subject's shattered form. Notice that priest/ess and healers do not roll together for combined HP totals as seen in other forums. Each rolls separately, meaning the you will have a rezz log and a healing log. But to have a full rezz, the subject must be healed as well. If no healer was present during the rezz, you must remind the subject to seek out a healer ASAP. If the subject does not turn in a healing log, the rezz is void

For a rezz to be valid you will need more then just rolling the dice, you will need to show role play of some form. If a person is caught tampering with a Rezz log, they will be dealt with severly, and the one that was Rezzed will lose that life, as a voided Rezz. Rezzes earn 250 exp's. Priests/Priestesses may not charge for this service. However, if a client offers to pay, this can be accepted.

Removal of the Dark Gift:
This almost is similar to both a Rezz and Major Curse Removal. The priest is needed giving a person their lost soul back, giving them life again from once being undead, altered from a creature of light to one of darkness, or from an evil state in some cases. Although someone is not branded on to become a Daemon, Demon, EnDarken or Vampire(Kindred), they are Embraced/Sired. In order to remove the Dark Gift and restore someone's soul, the priest must hit a certain amount of points to be successful. Refer to the HP chart below. This is worth 200 exps. ***If a Daemon, Demon, EnDarken, Kindred, etc, have a generation level (always ask what a client's generation is), a priest uses the chart below***:

Generation = HP's

1st Generation 75
2nd Generation 70
3rd Generation 65
4th Generation 60
5th Generation 55
6th Generation 50
7th Generation 45
8th Generation 40
9th Generation 35
10th Generation 30
11th Generation 25
12th Generation 20
13th&Lower Gen 15

The HP table is in an inversed ordinal order due to the fact that a person of higher generation (eg, a first gen) is more powerful than a lower generation (eg. 10 gen). The closer one is to their grandsire (origin of the bloodline or clan) , the more powerful pure of blood they are. Those of the lower gen have a diluted bloodline and are further away from the original source.

If a Daemon, Demon, EnDarken, Kindred, etc. does not know what their generation level is, or dies not have one, the priest used the chart below:]

Dice Level = HP's

1d 2d 3d 4d 5d
d10-d20 5 6 7 18 20
d30-d40 10 11 12 18 30
d50-d60 15 16 17 28 40
d70-d80 20 25 27 43 50
d90-d100 25 30 40 50 60

Soul Transferring:
The act of switching souls, putting them into another body, or even into some other life being, Even such as a tree or animal. The 10/20/30/40/50 HP rule will be used to perform a soul transfer. Soul Transferring earns 200 exp's.

Exp's awarded for weddings range from 50 to 200. No dice roll is necessary for this. A small wedding will earn 50 exp's. A medium wedding will earn 100 exp's. A large wedding will earn 200 exp's. Small being that the ritual does not exceed 30 minutes and does not require any elaborate rituals. The priest simply ensures that the couple takes their vows. A medium wedding should not exceed 1 hour. A large wedding is one that exceeds an hour and is elaborate. The priest is required to prepare for the wedding and perform special rituals associated with the couple's culture and/or beliefs.

Other Religious Duties and Exp's Amounts

No dice roll is needed for these. However, it must be logged and RP'd out. Just use some heart and creativity. And if the priests want to charge their clients, then so be it. Gathered that it's within reason, charging a fee is acceptable. The MoR will monitor how much priests earn in order to guarantee no one dishonors the robe.

This is a special blessing that involved rubbing holy oil on an individual's forehead to sanctify them or bless them on behalf of a deity. Worth 65 Exp's.
Worth 60 Exp's.

Rituals that are observed during the birth of a child, depending on person's faith. Worth 50 Exp's.

Worth 30 Exp's.

Worth 45 Exp's.

See below for more info, Worth 30 Exp's.

Worth 40 Exp's.

Worth 35 Exp's.

Fertility Rituals:
These are done to bless fields, crops, live stock, and even couples who wish for a large family. Worth 55 Exp's.

Holy Items:
Blessing items/weapons/talismans able to ward evil, the undead, repel certain magic, etc.**see below for more info** Worth 70 Exp's.

Last Rites:
Performed on a dying person or one that is about to face some form of death such as execution. Worth 55 Exp's.

Laying of Hands:
This is done for sick individuals who wish to beseech their deity's aid in getting well. The priest rubs holy oil on the sick person's forehead and offers a prayer for good health. ( This is not a cure or healing. Only healers can perform "heal".) Worth 40 Exp's.

Worth 35 Exp's.

Worth 35 Exp's.

Soul Cleansings:
Removal of sins/impurities from an individual's soul which is a long, arduous ritual. Worth 75 Exp's.

Spiritual Counseling:
Providing counseling from a religious point of view to help an individual deal with personal problems. Worth 40 Exp's.

After an item is blessed by a priest, the log depicting the blessing of such item must be sent to the Minister of Trade in order to make this item an Enhancer. This is the responsibility of the one requesting the blessing, not the priest. There is no roll needed for this, but the priest must state their current forum dice on the log. Blessed items are only as powerful as the one who performed the blessing. These items would fall under Enhancers. A priest with a dice range of 'd100-'d70 would grant a blessed item an Enhancer status of +3, priests with a dice range of 'd60-'d40 would grant a blessed item an Enhancer status of +2, priests with a dice range from 'd30-'d10 would grant an item an Enhancer status of +1.

Confessions are held in the up most confidentiality and privacy. This means that a priest does not reveal what has been said/heard in a confession. To receive Exp's for this service, all that is needed is to have the confessee sign the Confessional Receipt and give it to the priest. The priest forwards this receipt to the MoR if a Freelancer or to their GC if in a Clan, etc.

Outside CR Religious Enactment:

Religious members may perform non-CR related religious duties. In order to earn credit for this, you must send in a complete log of the religious activity you have performed. Note: in cases such of this, you do not have to roll. However, you will have to role play the entire ceremony or resurrection out completely to receive credit. Exps will be based on the current CR standards listed in this section. Gps are only earned if you are paid by the one on whom you performed the service.

CR Religious Enhancers:

Religious enhancers may be used in the performance of CR religious functions; however, these enhancers must be holy items/relics that have been sanctified by an individual of a religious order. Simply going to a CR smith will not be enough. The item must be sanctified as well in order to qualify as a religious enhancer and must be registered with the Minister of Finance and Trade.

For questions or comments regarding religion contact Si'.

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