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         The CR will be limited to a membership of fourteen houses. This limit maybe lifted at a latter date and all future houses after this limit has been reached will under go a period of probation if accepted. This probation period will last 90 days or three months.

Each House will meet the following criteria:
         1) At least be ten members large;
         2) Identify a Grand Commander;
         3) Identify a Second in Command;
         4) Establish their purpose within the CR;
         5) OOC: Identify if they are free form or dice;
         6) Identify a member to vote and represent the House in the Tribum or Forum High Council and alternate in case Tribum representative is not able to vote;
         7) Identify area colonization with in the planet;
         8) OOC: Each house is encouraged to have a web page. Web page House links will be added to the charter membership pages.

         OOC: Free Form Houses and Idependents (Free Lancers) may earn gold pieces. This applies to areas of the charter that stipulate characters may earn both exps and gps, in the case of FFers, only gps will be earned.