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An Independent Free Citizen (Freelancer) is someone who does not belong to any House or Organization within the CR. Anyone that joins a House loses Independent Free Citizen status and must place the name of their House in their public scrolls (profile) in place of Free Citizen. Also, the Minister of Independent Free Citizens (MoIFC) must be informed of such a change for updating purposes. Being a Freelancer is exactly that; being free of House rules and may perform services for others, but always observing the rules of our realm at all times. The few, the proud, the Freelancers! ;o)

OOC Independent Free Citizen Character Rules:

1. An active RP profile is required. Profiles will be checked for accuracy from time to time.
2. State in such profile that you are a Freelancer of Crystal Realms. You must have this in your profile, or you will not be recognized as a Freelancer.
Dice (As stated in the section under Dice and Exp's
Exp's you have earned.
Whether you are a Slave/PoW/Ghost, etc. etc.
6. Race (Basically Supernatural or not)
7. GP's you have earned.
8. Enhancers, +weapons.
9. Number of Rezz's
10. You are to uphold all rules stated for spars and the Laws of the Crystal Realms. Such rules are stated elsewhere within the CR Charter.

ALL Spar Logs must have the following:

Freelancer SN
Crystal Realms(CR)
Spar Type
Exp's Earned(Amount)
'XX' if Adult Oriented)
If this does not appear in the Subject line, you will be fined!

Freelancers Earning exp's and GP's

There are other ways to gain Exp's and GP's other than sparring and AA's. Logs must be sent to the appropriate Minister:
1. Singing, Dancing (exotic requres an X in the subject line), and other "Artistic" talents.
Handy work for another. Agreement to be sent to partners and MoF as well as the MoFr.
Tending. We'd like to see a little makeshift mug. Logs full of bartending session are requred for GP/Exp awards.
"Ladies of the Midnight Persuasion" *Logs here will not be required, as it would not be suitable for young muns to read, but agreements on the service must be sent by both dancer and audience for Exp's and GP awards.
Blacksmithing and Enchanting. *Must be registered with the appropriate Minister*
6. Healing. This is the major field of Priest(esses)/Healers. Must be registered and logs will go to the Minister of Healing (MoH)

Note to all Freelancers: Please save your own spar logs. The MoIFC will not be doing this for you. At any time you may be observed for Exp accuracy, or other pertinent information. Logs saved are your responsibility, and lying about dice or GP's will NOT be tolerated!

For any questions or comments concerning Independent Free Citizens, contact Dhelani Kya, MoIFC. Mail Box

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