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Images from the Arequipa Valley Survey Project

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A136-PR1 cruces andinas.jpg (42612 bytes) Andean style crosses, pictographs

A167 P101 -2001.jpg (28053 bytes) Petroglyphs, camelid and human figures

Andeneria  tardia de Sonqomarka 1999.jpg (63081 bytes) Agricultural terraces near Sogay

Apachetay (intermedio tardio temprano).jpg (58867 bytes) Site of Apachetay, Late Intermediate Period

El trompin (intermedio tardio).jpg (69255 bytes) Site of El Trompín, Late Intermediate Period

Ofrenda a los apus.jpg (58166 bytes) Paying homage to the 'apus'

Quebrada Honda 2.jpg (145906 bytes) View of Quebrada Honda


A159 ladera oeste ano 2001.jpg (68618 bytes) Fieldwork, mapping a site

A164 A159 y el Misti.jpg (45665 bytes) View of the volcano Misti,overlooking a site

andeneria de diseno incaico (Quequena).jpg (59016 bytes) Incan style terraces near Quequeña

Camino incaico de Polobaya 1999.jpg (62809 bytes) Polobaya, Incan road

El trompin.jpg (36647 bytes) Petroglyphs, camelid figures, El Trompín

Otra escena de trabajo 1998.jpg (60774 bytes) Fieldwork, recording petroglyphs

Quequena y Sonqomarka.jpg (44534 bytes) View of Quequeña and site of Sonqomarka


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