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Ode To My Tomatoes


By : Sharon Branson


In the deep of last winter, my fingers did stray

To the many neat shops on Almighty eBay.

I searched for tomatoes, Heirloom's the type

Tomato Bob's pages have all of the hype.


So I ordered a variety of seeds from his shop

They were so tiny, but I got quite a lot

There are hundreds of names, who thinks of this stuff?

I would guess that 20 varieties would be quite enough.


There's Amana Orange and Banana Legs.

Green Zebra, Green Grape and Golden Eggs,

There's Indian Moon, Beefsteak and Mule Team

The variety of Heirlooms is endless it seems.


I used a small tweezers to grab each little seed

And labeling them was a tedious deed.

We put them on trays under a brand new grow light

That shined  through the day and half of the night.


After a few days, some green did appear

Oh my! My sweet babies, my tomatoes, my dears.

They grew for a month then they had to be thinned.

To throw away any, was to me a grave sin


So friends came to MahJongg and adopted my dears

They got some small babies, I parted with tears

My family grew with love and good care

I soon had to move them to ladders and chairs


My Hubby got busy and built a raised bed

And filled it with dirt, and "cow poop" he said

Then came the day that my babies went out

They looked so precious, my heart did a shout.


They were covered with milk jugs those early cold days

When finally with spring we had warm sun rays

So each little plant got a wire cone to climb

And now they are growing, Blossoms.... sublime.


Some have tomatoes already on-vine

Oh my, precious babies, you've really done fine.

Oh Brandywine, Tommy Toe, White Wonder, Yellow Pear

And Zebra, Cherokee Purple, for you all I so care


So soon will be harvest, so devine you will be

With Basil,  Balsamic and Mozarella cheese

Thank you dear tomatoes, you're a gift of love

Another sweet blessing from God up above.

By:  Sharon Branson

copyright 2007

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