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Sharon Branson

Today was my birthday,

I'm as old as dirt

And there isn't a part of me

That doesn't hurt.

But pain I can deal with,

Now why do you stare?

Oh Lordy, my friend,

It's my awful hair.

It's not as gray

As it could be

But dye it I must

To look forty three.

But money is tight

I've not much to spare,

So I cut corners, sigh,

And dyed my own hair.

The box said the color

Was perfectly fine

But when the time was up

From me came a whine.

Oh no, I'm not brown,

I'm "shoe polish black".

In the hairdresser world

Any brains I do lack

So what do I do

With a halo so dark

The stores are all closed

In the downtown park

I read on the web

That combos would work

Of bleach and shampoo

I'm such a big jerk

A friend of a friend

Said "try shampoo and comet"

By now I'm so sick,

I could nearly vomit.  (sorry)

So 10 shampoos later

I'm lightening some

My scalp is now itching

I need a kick in the bum

Today I went out

To a potluck with friends

No one dared whisper

About my black ends.

So pass me some crow

I'm ready to dine

To my hairdresser I'll go

For my color next time


Sharon Branson

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