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Garden View




Garden View

Sharon Branson

My garden is a view to me that never will grow old

And now the bits of green are up surviving from the cold.

My favorite is the trillium with its leaves and buds of three

For I am blessed to know my God,  the Holy Trinity.


The Dutchman's breeches  and little spring beauties spread around the creek

And when the Lenten Rose blooms out,  tears flow down my cheek.

The bloodroot and the ginger grow throughout the shady spot

And violets and solomon seal flourish quite a lot.


The creek flows lazily to the pond over little rocks and stones

To the bed of Lady Slippers a glory all their own.

Some are yellow and some are pink, they steal my heart away

To drink in their beauty to my soul, I could sit all day.



By Sharon Branson

copyright 2007



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