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1st Place Award Winner :

Twas The Night Before Surgery

Sharon Branson

My mind is a-blur with surgery things

But challenge to write..... such passion it brings

2007 Halloween for this ol' Hag

Will be very quiet, I've hit a lil snag

I've bats in my belfry and corns on my feet

With that damn full moon, I can't even sleep

So off to my cauldron for something to drink

Cocktails with super booze, would work I think

Made with cats and possum and straw

The crows for this treat loudly "caw-caw"

Add bear butts and gator tails, knees of bees

And delicious it is, my pretty, you'll see.


The ghosts of surgery are beckoning "COME"

My pretty, there's hammering and screwing to be done.

But pain go away,  I'll not surrender,

I have praying friends at Moments to Remember

Sharon Branson



2nd Place Award Winner :

The Halloween Express

Donna DeLong Matthews

Climb aboard
Please dont distress
Together we will ride
The Halloween express

The gates ahead
we will journey beyond
our trip will not end
until the break of dawn

This trip only happens
in the month of october
and I promise you
Moments to Remember

With bats and black cats
Ghosts and ghouls
to journey on
most would call us fools

the moon hangs low
peeking from behind the clouds
With old hags lurking
dressed in rags and shrouds

Their feet planted firm
refusing to give us way
Will we survive
and see the light of day

The witches brew
bubbles in their cauldron
offering us cocktails
of bright red crimson


The night has a chill
that goes to the bone
Oh no dont go
and leave me alone

The ghouls and goblins
lurk in the dark
suddenly the light dawns
Oh my!!! its an amusement park

Original by
Donna DeLong Matthews
October 2007






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