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Tips For Saving Money on Your Wedding Venue

Ideas To Keep in Mind Concerning the Wedding Venue

Keep these questions in mind when you begin searching venues for your wedding. You should also know an approximate date for your wedding prior to checking out sites so you can pick and choose based on your needs. My first money saving tip is to keep in mind that the number of guests you invite will determine how much your wedding will cost. If you choose a venue that can only seat 100 guests (which is what my husband and I chose to do) than you can make invites based on room. Having an adults only wedding can cut costs in a big way. Most places do not have pricing for children's meals, it is one standard price. Therefore, excluding children can cut the cost. Another money saving idea is to ask if the venue has reduced rates for a Friday or Sunday wedding. My husband and I saved more than $4,000 by having our wedding on a Sunday rather than a Saturday. We also were able to have a sit down dinner rather than a buffet by limiting the choice to a chicken or fish plate. These entrees are generally less costly than steak entrees. Another big money saver is to ask the venues whether or not you can provide your own alcohol. At The Stirling Guest Hotel, where my wedding was, they provided a bartender and charged a glass fee, however, we provided our own alcohol. You can drastically cut costs by offering only soda, beer, red and white wine. This way, you can get a keg, which is much cheaper than bottled beer, and buy your wines in bulk, which is cheaper than individual bottles. This allows you to have an open bar, however, you control the amount that is being spent on alcohol.