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My Personal Wedding Photos

These are just a couple of pictures from my own wedding in June 2005, that guests of the wedding took and sent to us. Hopefully these can give you a glimpse into a low-budget wedding that was everything I could have imagined. I hope you enjoy!

My Dad Giving Me Away

In this picture you can see the outside venue that we chose, my dress and flowers. A special hint for the groom's tux is that at some places when the wedding party and the father of the bride rent a tux, the groom's tux is free of charge!

Our Wedding Party

Here is our wedding party! Just a tip for the budget planners...If you can keep your wedding party small, you can save quite a few bucks. (But don't leave people out just because of your budget)

My Father, Husband and Me After Tying the Knot

Happy that the ceremony is over and went smoothly, we wait in our recieving line to thank our friends and family. We are now ready to venture inside where the party is about to start!