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Tips For Saving Money on Your Wedding Dress

Questions To Ask Yourself Concerning Your Dream Dress

If there is one part of wedding planning that is the most important it is YOUR DRESS! If you do not feel beautiful as a bride, then your day will not be as fun as you want it to be. That is why not everyone will be able save money on their wedding dress. One idea, however, is to see if there is an old wedding dress that you would be willing to borrow. I don't mean a Goodwill dress, but if your mother or grandmother has a dress that you have always loved, check with them to see if you could wear it. I'm sure it would mean very much to them as well. If you are like the majority of brides, you want to pick out your own dress. It is best to make a budget concerning your dress PRIOR to going to the stores. You do not have to choose a dress your first day out, you should shop around until you find the perfect one that fits your budget. Often, places like Philene's Basement will have huge wedding gown sales. Even if you do not find the dress of your dreams here, you can get some good ideas. Stay confident and be patient. There are millions of dresses, and just like finding a husband, the perfect one is waiting out there for you! As for shoes and veils, these are easy to save money on. I could not believe how expensive the shoes and veils were in the bridal shops. When the woman at the bridal shop tries to sell you the perfect $200 veil, keep in mind that you could probably find the same one online for half the price or less. Remember, these women are sales people, they want you to buy from their store. Make sure you at least check for cheaper shoes and veils on the computer.

Check out EBay for shoes and veils