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Tips For Saving Money on Your Cake and Flowers

Ideas To Keep in Mind Concerning Cake and Flowers

The most important money saving tip for cakes and flowers is to do your research! You do not always have to go with the most popular (and expensive) shops in your town. Check out local bridal shows for people showcasing their work. Many times you can try samples and talk to people about what you are looking for. The more simple that you keep your cake, the cheaper it will be. Try buttercream frostings rather than fondants. Some of the most elegant cakes I've seen have been very simple, but decorated with the fresh flowers that you are using in your wedding. Like the cake above, you can make it more fancy with extra flowers and some candles. Usually the florist will put together an arrangement for the top of the cake if you ask them to. Anyone who has planned a wedding knows how expensive flowers can be. One of the best tips on saving money on flowers is to choose less expensive types. For example, rather than having all roses (which are very expensive) try using a variety of different types of flowers with roses mixed in. Carnations are an excellent choice for arrangements because they come in so many different colors and they are fairly inexpensive. On the tables, you can save money by having a small arrangement in the center of the table, and then accenting it with candles or flower petals.