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2002 West Allegheny Twerps Football Page

Hi everyone. My name is Dawn. I am Carl's mother. This is my second year as a football mom. Here is my web page of the 2002 West Allegheny Twerps. I made this site as a tribute to our kids - the West Allegheny Twerps. It is a place to share pictures throughout the season, and I think the kids will get a kick out of having their own website.

Team Photo

Photograph courtesy of: Photography by James

You will find pictures of the kids from practices and games. Feel free to download any pictures to your own computer at home. The photos are only scanned at 72 dpi, so if you want a higher resolution photo, please see me at practice or the games and I can give you the original photos or a photo scanned at a higher resolution on a disk.

If you would like to add your son's picture to the individual photos page, email a photo to me, or lend me a picture to scan and give back to you.

Twerp Team Roster Individual Photos 2001 West Allegheny Twerps Photo Scrapbook 2002 West Allegheny Twerps Photo Scrapbook
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