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Bitch Session

I support the troops. How dare anyone be against ending a country where he can gas his own people and get away with it. The UN is SHIT they are worthless. The french are a bunch of pussies who surrender at any kind of threat, they havent won a war in 200 years, yet they get a veto vote on the UN council. France fell to Nazi Germany in 1 month! They had tanks, guns, and enough to put up a good fight, but no, when they see trouble they just raise their hands and say, "Dont hurt us!!". I mean, who the fuck in their right mind would give a veto vote to a country as dickless as that, the UN is supposed to be all about promoting world peace and making sure no country violates human rights, yet they sit back as a maniac with a seat of power gasses his own people, I was watching the new the other day, do you know how many mass graves the troops have found? They even found files on how some of them were killed, How would you like to see your mom being killed right in front of you with your eyes held open? I also love how we give billions of dollors a year to all these countries tring to help them end poverty and shit, but then, when we want to go and do something for a just cause, the world is like "NOOO YOU CANT DO THAT!!!". I say we pull all humanitarian aid and then see what they do, some of these countries depend on our aid to the point of without it, they would collapse But even if now weapons of mass destruction are found, the war was still justified in the humane sense. Email Me with your fucking retorts, I dare you.