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~Famous Ghosts~
Famous Photos

These are some famous ghosts seen around the web.

Borley Rectory was considered "The most haunted house in England." In the 13th century a nun and a monk fell in love and when they tried to elope, they were caught. The monk was hanged for his crime, and the nun was buried alive in the building's masonry. Beginning in the 1920s, there were sightings of the nun's ghost in and around Borley Rectory, and reports of objects being moved and thrown about as if by poltergeists. In the photo shown here, taken outside the rectory, a brick reportedly jumped into the air on its own just as the picture was snapped. The building burned to the ground in 1939.

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

This photo was taken in 1936 during a photo shoot for Country Life Magazine at Raynham Hall in England

Haunted Toys R Us

This picture was taken during an investigation of "strange activity" at a Toys R Us Store in California. The man that is clearly seen leaning against the wall in the back, was not seen at all by any of the people that were there. This photo captured the ghost because it was taken with an infrared camera. The same shot taken with a regular camera did not reveal the ghost figure

This photo was taken by a police officer at the scene of a terrible accident. From the looks of the photo, you would imagine that both the passenger and the driver were killed instantly. However, they both walked away without so much as a scratch. The officer thought there was a problem with the film and had it checked for errors... none were found. The figure shown in the photo is thought to be an angel.
This one shows a hooded figure that seems to float on the steps of the altar at Englandís Newby Church. The photo was taken in the 1960ís by the Reverend K.F. Lord, who was photographing the front of the sanctuary. He reported that he saw no such figure at the time of his visit. The figure in the photo is said to be approximately 9 ft tall.
This photo was taken in 1959 by Mrs. Mabel Chimney in a British churchyard. She had just finished visiting her motherís grave and she took a picture of her husband, who was waiting for her in the car. He was aloneat that time, yet the picture clearly showed his wife's mother in the back seat. this picture was authenticated by a photo expert who determined that it was not faked in any way.
This is a more recent photo taken on Sept 11th from the roof of an apartment bulding in Brooklyn as the second plane hit. It was taken by AP journalist Mark Phillips who maintains that he did not tamper with the photograph in any way. He transmitted it to his AP editor within 40 minutes of the attacks. She has a strict policy that her photographers not alter photos in anyway. People have said that this is the face of a demon. What do you think?

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