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My hair is naturaly curly, and I love you wear it strait! I normaly take a shower then night before, and then blowdry it before bed. In the morning I use a straiting iorn, but by lunch time my hair is a frizzy mess. Do you know anything i can do to keep it down all day long? *tina, york* I have a wavy hair, and when i straiten mine, i use a little anti-friz gel, and straiten it before i got to sleep. In the morning i do a quick fix and spray hairspray on my round brush and put it through my hair. It tames the flyaways and add hold without the stickyness.

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What is date rape? By Irena, 15, Singapore SINGAPORE, Dec. 9 _ Acquaintance rape, also known as date rape, is when a person you know threatens or forces you into sexual activity. Date rape has become very common with 80% of teenage victims of sexual assault (thatís 4 of 5 victims) having known their rapist before the assault. Following are the myths of date rape: 1) Rape is not as bad if you know the rapist. This is false. Rape is a traumatic experience regardless of who the rapist is.[more] ** found at *


Stop dying for the past, and live for the future! God made coke, and god made pepsi, and god made me so cute and sexy! You can fall from heaven and you can fall from a tree but the best way to fall is in love with me! I love to make you smile, because i know for that split second i crossed your mind! love comes in all shapes and sizes! im falling in love, im just afraid ill break when i hit the ground!