My Biography
Name: Kristina Marie
Nickname: Krissy,
Current Location: Prospect Park, Pennsylvania (suburb of Philadelphia)U.s.a.
born: Darby
birthday: 3.13.1983
age: nineteen
sign: Pisces 
Citizenship: American
Nationality: (German, Italian, Irish)
religion:i am spiritual but no longer religious.. basing our lives on a religion seperates the people sharing the love..and focuses on our differences instead of our similiarities.. religions diminish the spirituality we have inside ourselves..
belief system: none. i dont believe in organized religion
political affiliation: the entire government our hypocritical bastards...whose soul purpose is to deceive us and fill our minds with lies...
Hair: brown... presently black
Eyes: hazel 
Talents: poetry and other artistic talents writing is my favorite thing to do. i consider it a talent because it is what i enjoy doing and it makes me happy so it is serving its soul purpose...
future occupation: (i want a degree in pshychology i start college in the fall.) i plan to work at a mental institution with troubled teens
High school: Interboro
College: Community for 2years and 4years of other school (university of penn, penn state, or temple?? i don't know.)
Things about me: very outspoken, poet, funny, spontaneous, crazy, artistic, fashion coordinated, opinionated, friendly, open minded and honest.tall  
Girls names: Devon Melina, Danica Cheree, Kyah Sage serenity, leipha, Veda, ariana, natalia
boys names: seamus, darah, Caleb, Shane, zebadiah, Ezra, Nathaniel  
Personal theme song: Jane says, janes addiction; jewel pieces of you; 
Advocate: Womens rights, afgan womens rights,  Animal Rights, Free Speech, Gun Control, Save the Envirnoment, vegetarianism, Ending racism, prejudice, and hatred, Peace on earth, gender equality and ending gender double standards, Find the cure cancer foundation.
Pets:lonny my bunny.
Music : just about anything..rap(dmx,tupac,biggie) rock (slipknot, system of a down)sublime,  Rock (pink floyd,the doors,)steve miller band, punk, emo, JEWEL (IS SO INSPIRING TO ME), techno, 80S pop, ANGRY GRRL ROCK (ALANIS FiONA) jack off jill,mindless self indulgence,weezer,dashboard confessional,blink 182,don't look down,lynyrd skynyrd pretty much anything but modern pop. Bob Marley, Eminem, lil kim,blink 182,madonna, saves the day, the beatles, madonna, and gwen stephani, adam sandler,tenacious d, the get up kids, slipknot, lots more.. i love music...
Favorite colors- pink, purple, black, red, white and blue.
interests: poetry, art, psychology, hippies, music, journalism, web design, philosophy,art, artists (van gogh), modeling, yoga, reading, 
Clothing: i shop everywhere i like something, i don't have a paticular style, i love saftey pins, i am not able to be labeled as one category, i like lots of different things
exta curricular activities: volunteer work- local food cupboard, and local soup kitchen, nursery, and church usher,
favorite books: candy by luke davies, girl,interrupted, the virgin suicides, the salem witch trials, ishmael by daniel quinn, 

favorite poems-
passionless bodies
with pointless little limbs
that flaunt in vain
such narrowness of frame
with nothing to offer but bone.

there is a pretty girl
on the
of the magazine
and all 
I see are my dirty
turning the page.
 if by Rudyard kipling, we wear the mask by Paul Laurence Dunbar, all of Emily Dickinson's poems including- how happy is the little stone, I never saw a moor, success is counted sweetest, I heard a fly buzz; when I died, o captain my captain by Walt Whitman.
Favorite plays: the bad seed, arsenic and old lace, and then there were none, romeo and juliet.
favorite body parts- other than the obvious, i like abs and arms lips and necks, eyes, and of course the happy trail. 
modifications: belly button peircing, 2 ear peircings on each side.
psychological disorders: obsessive compulsive, manic depressant, agro phobia, social anxiety disorder, paranoia. 
former: anorexic beulemic and cutter
magazines: i am a magazine slut. my faves: cosmo, maxim, vogue, marie claire, jane, allure, style, rolling stone, mademoiselle
foods: considering i am on a diet, salad and water no dressing or cheese, yogurt and sometimes rice cakes- this was a great thanksgiving dinner. 
measurements: 511 140 lbs.
sports: swimming yoga aerobics
tv: friends at 7,730,8(on thursdays) and 11, drew carey, everybody loves raymond, and of course MTV.
shallow hal
Now & then
girl, interrupted
virgin suicides
american beauty
american pie
sixteen candles
pretty in pink
the breakfast club
cruel intentions
shakespere in love
pretty woman
sleepless in seattle
half baked
almost famous
mall rats
dead poets society
empire records\
freddy got fingered
40 days and 40 nights
happy gilmore
billy madison
saving silverman

brad pitt
ryan phillippe
ben affleck
paul walker
george clooney
matt damon
josh hartnett
ashton kutcher
freddie prinze jr
tom cruise
heath ledger
julia roberts
kate hudson
angelina jolie
lisa kudrow
britney murphy
jennifer aniston
courtney cox-arquette
natalie portman
sarah michelle gellar
marilyn monroe
demi moore
meg ryan 
(movies, actors, actresses in no order)
Obsessions: (I have alot of because i have obsessive compulsive)
idols: Gisele ( the goddess) super model, princess diana, mother teresa, van gogh, gwen, marilyn, madonna, emily dickenson, jewel, 
pet peeves: fat sweaty people, conceited bitches, clingy people, liars, open doors, fat people in spandex, men in short shorts, the norm, the lack of male brains and increase of male hormones in this world, heroin addicts, closed minded people, brussel sprouts, slaughtered animals, and abortion clinics oh and my number 1 pet peeve is people who judge you before you even speak.
Favorite quotes:
friends dont let friends fuck drunk
childhood friends from toys to boys, bottles to bongs and diapers to thongs
i am only one but i am still one, i can not do everything but i can do something
both tears and sweat are salty but render a different result, tears will get you sympathy, sweat will get you change

dont conform we all die alone

deepest darkest secret: email me and find out... questions and comments welcome. tell me a little about you!

> > SRC=> There's no evidence of guilt, Lizzie Borden, That should make your spirit wilt, Lizzie Borden; Many do not think that you Chopped your father's head in two, It's so hard a thing to do, Lizzie Borden. You have borne up under all, Lizzie Borden. With a mighty show of gall, Lizzie Borden; But because your nerve is stout Does not prove beyond a doubt That you knocked the old folks out, Lizzie Borden Lizzie Borden took an axe And gave her mother forty whacks. And when she saw what she had done, She gave her father forty-one A woman and a man were murdered in the same place in a very violent manner There were tense and unpleasant family relationships There was extensive press coverage from the very beginning Both defendants had exceptional financial resources Both had the slickest lawyers that money could buy Defense lawyers mocked the police investigation and implied corruption was involved
Today I feel:The current mood of at Today the complete internet poll mood is:The current mood of the Internet at Hi People!! This is my newest diary. I will be putting in some of my old diary entrys, so you know a little about me. I am a poet, and an artist, I love Blink 182. My favorite color is pink. I am 18. I love to sing and dance.My Idols are Courtney Love, Gisele Bundchen, Marilyn Monroe,Gwen Stephani,Lil Kim, Van Gogh, Eve, Madonna, and many more. I have severe depression, Agrophobia, Obsessive Compulsive disorder, SociaL AnXieTY Disorder,cutter... I'm a former anorexic, beulemic. If you wanna talk about anything, leave a note. But Dont Harsh My Mellow.
My Favorite Web Sites

Sweet Cherrie
Friends Place
Urban 75
Vaults of Erowid
Open Diary
Stomp of Approval Book Reviews
Smile and Act Nice
Planet Papers Free Reports
Miss Minx
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Thanks For Coming here! All of you are welcome. I have not done much with this yet, but I will soon. So please stop back again, to see what I did with the place. I am currently in school alot, and work, therapy and everywhere else, so when I have time, I try to do this, but it is time consuming. But I will have what the people want soon enough.

The Ultimate Fan Quiz for the show Friends
The begginning is a little easy, but this test is for the ultimate fan. Lets see how much you know. I dare you to take it.
  1. What are the names of the Gellars?
    Rachel Gellar, Ross Gellar, John Gellar, Julie Gellar
    Ross Gellar, Monica Gellar, Julie Gellar, John Gellar
    Ross Gellar, Monica Gellar, Jack and Diane Gellar
    Rachel Gellar, Ross Gellar, Jack and Judy Gellar
    Jack Gellar, Judy Gellar, Ross Gellar, Monica Gellar

  2. What is Pheobe's Last Name??

  3. What name shows up on Chandlar and Joey's Tv Guide?
    Mr.Chandler Bing
    Mr. Chandler Bong
    Mrs. Chanandeler Bong
    Mrs. Chandler Tribbiani
    Mr. Joseph Bong

  4. How many Sisters does Joey have?

  5. What name did Rachel Almost Have?
    Jessica Green
    Mrs. Dr. Barry Farver
    Mrs. Rachel Karen Farber
    Mrs. Joey Tribbianni
    Mrs. Rachel Marie Gellar

  6. In The Pilot episode, Rachel gets a job where?
    Central Perk
    Central Park
    She doesn't get one!!!

  7. why wont this question work

  8. Which Holiday does Chandler not celebrate?
    His Birthday
    Father's Day

  9. Who did Ross not marry?
    He married them all.

  10. nipular area means:
    the area in which the nipples are.
    The area in which Chandler's 3rd Nipple is
    A place in outer space
    This was never said in the show
    something else

  11. Joey's famous line is pronounced
    how YOU doin?
    HOW you doin?
    how you DOI'N?
    How's You Doin?
    Who's doin you?

  12. Who does Barry end up marrying instead of Rachel?
    Her Sister played by Reese Witherspoon
    Her Bridesmaid Mary
    Her Bridesmaid Melanie

  13. Is Ross and Monica's Nana dead?
    yes, she died when they were little
    yes, she died recently.
    yes, she died twice
    she was reincarnated

  14. Who did Ross lose his virginity to?
    Rachel in high school
    Rachel when she was in her 20's
    He is still a virgin

  15. Marcel is a

  16. Pheobe is a
    Yoga Instructor

  17. In Lamaze classes when Carol wasn't there, who plays the mommy?

  18. What is Joey's favorite food?
    Hot wings
    Anything Monica cooks
    Whatever is in the fridge

  19. Which Character's Promise to have a baby together if not married by 40?
    Monica and Joey
    Rachel and Joey
    Pheobe and Joey
    Rachel and Ross
    Pheobe and Ross

  20. Which Person did Rachel have a sex dream about?
    Monica's Dad

  21. Which of the following is not an occupation of one of the friends crew?
    vice assistant cheif data reconceiver

  22. Which of the following is not true?
    Ross tasted Carol's Breast Milk
    Chandler has a third nipple
    Joey was in a porn
    Pheobe had her brother's children
    One of the had sex with Ugly Naked Guy

  23. Which friend has not been married?

  24. Which of the following did Mr. and Mrs. Gellar not do?
    have sex in the bathroom during a party
    spent their daughter's wedding fund on a beach house
    Favortize one of their children
    Tell Rachel her parents broke up
    Hate Chandler when he was younger

  25. Pheobe's Dad is
    A Pharmacist in Ny
    A famous tree surgeon who lives in a phoneless hut in Burma
    Not her biological father
    A yoga instructor

  26. Which part did Joey play on Days of Our Lives?
    Dr. Mike Lomoray
    Dr. Rick Damoray
    Dr. Joey
    Dr. Drake Ramoray
    He wasn't on that show

  27. What is Joey and Chandler's favortie show?
    Day's of Our Lives
    Playboy Porn
    Sesame Street
    They dont have a TV

  28. Which was not a special guest on Friends?
    Brooke Sheilds
    Julia Roberts
    Jean Claude Van Damme
    Elaine from Seinfeild
    Demi Moore

  29. Which is not true of the friends in high school?
    Rachel was Cheer Squad Co Captain
    Monica was Fat
    Chandler was in a band
    Ross liked Rachel
    Joey only had sex twice

  30. Which Character in real life have had plastic surgery?
    Courtney Cox Arquette
    Jennifer Aniston Pitt
    David Shwimmer and Matthew Perry
    Lisa Kudrow
    All but C

  31. The Gellar Cup is
    An antique mug passed down through the Gellar Family
    The way they used to cup there hands to get water from the sink so they wouldn't dirty the dishes
    A troll nailed to a 2 by 4.
    A cup given to Monica which has all of her ansestors ashes in it.
    Just a cup with there name on it in Monica's House.

    Congradulations! You have completed the First Ultimate Friends Test. I hope you didn't cheat and you just used your memory. Remember some of the questions are tricky, so I hope you thought them through.

This is my newest Addition: I am sorry my website is not that good, but I will improve it when I have a chance. I don't really like pictures of myself, but I know I should put some on here so you know what I look like so here they are. Oh, I will be putting pictures of my friends on soon too!! So don't forget to come back!!!

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Thanks For Coming here! All of you are welcome. I have not done much with this yet, but I will soon. So please stop back again, to see what I did with the place. I am currently in school alot, and work, therapy and everywhere else, so when I have time, I try to do this, but it is time consuming. But I will have what the people want soon enough.

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