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Quaker Cemetery is located along Quaker Church Road in Perryopolis Pennsylvania. According to urban legend this small cemetery which dates back to the early 1700's and was founded by the Quaker pioneers, was once used as a spot for the practice of black magic, as well as a place to kill those believed to be withes . Today many people believe the cemetery is haunted by dark spirits, as a result of this. Setting in the middle of the cemetery is the old Quaker church, a small one room building made of rough cut stone. Both the stone church and surrounding graveyard may be best known for two separate curses, which surrounds each one respectively. The first curse would be that of the Church. There is said to be writing on the walls inside of the building which describes how a person, who is buried outside died, and if you read the description of their death, you will die the same death as they did. The second curse has to do with one of the headstones being cursed, meaning that if you stand at the grave, walk over it , or read the poem inscribed on the stone, which begins by stating " Remember youth as you go by" you could have bad luck or worse. Another story surrounding the cemetery involves two spirits, which haunt the location. One spirit is said to push anyone to the ground, who either disrespects the graves, or who dares to visit the cemetery alone on certain nights. The other spirit is said to haunt the inside of the stone church, by causing it to become eerily cold at random times The road in front of the cemetery has also been involved in at least one of the ghost stories. Sometime during the 1980s a man who was driving by the cemetery one night suddenly began to be chased by a mysterious black dog, as he was slowing down to look over at the cemetery. The dog appeared ghostly and frightened the driver with its growl. So he began to speed up. The dog was able to easily keep up, but as soon as the vehicle was no longer along the area of the road in front of the cemetery, the dog was gone.  

On the day that The photo on the right was taken at Quaker Cemetery, there had been a snow fall of about three to five inches over night. So when I arrived here and began walking to the cemetery from the road, it was very plain to see that the snow had been untouched everywhere, and that I was laying down foot tracks where none had previously been, everywhere I took a step. When I reached the point where this photo was taken from, I stopped and snapped a shot of the old church, and did not take another step forward until after I had taken this photo. Strangely as set of foot prints showed up in the photo just a head of where I was standing. They seem to suggest that somebody was walking in a direction away from the church and toward me, but if so they originate from the middle of nowhere in the snow, as there starting point occurs right in the middle of undisturbed snow. While on the other hand if these tracks are going toward the church, then they come to an end, right in the middle of undisturbed snow

The following is and email from Nicole..............As soon as I walked into the cemetery, I felt drawn to the stone church. Therefore I began walking toward it and it was very cold inside, there were a lot of writings on the walls, but nothing major. So I began walking around looking at and reading the tombstones. I was with two others. They were right beside me reading the stones when we heard footsteps behind us, which caused us to stand up and move forward very quickly. After we could no longer hear them we began reading the same stone and it happened "AGAIN!" That was that I moved on to the next stone because I was creeped out. Soon after that I heard a loud noise as if someone was beating on the metal fence with another piece of metal. We all looked at each other and pretty much agreed that it was time to get out of there...........Thanks Nicole

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Quaker Church & Cemetery
Inside Of Quaker Church
Quaker Cemetery Spirit Photo