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Quaker Cemetery

You will see and here unexplained things on certain nights
Tent Church Rd Sign at the Collier Rd entrance or exit
Remains of house foundation are further back
Tent Church Rd sign
Tent Church Rd looking west
Tent Church Rd looking east
It is all right to be on the road but don't go behind the gates or in the woods
Do not go into the woods private property
No Trespassing behind the gates...
...Or in the woods
Left Beam
These two post once supported the original gates

A Strange Lookin Face Can Be Seen Here

haunted places ghost stories haunted pennsylvania
Spirit Photos
An evil Eye is in the Top left corner its part of a face

Image of a man's face

This photo taken from the around the area where my cousin lost his front tire
I did get a feeling that something was there the day I took these pictures
A set of eyes can be seen in the upper left hand corner
A better look at the set of eyes
what is interesting about this is that someone once heard the sound of a little girl laughing by the gates

If you look in the center you can see a dim white circle that is lighter then the surroundings

image of a girl kneeling down behind  gates  look center
Dim Looking Orb at the it

From my own experience......

I have been to The Gates Of Hell many times, but on only a few occasions did something strange and unexplained happen. To be exact it would be four times. The first time I ever experienced anything there was actually during the day. I was setting in my car alone as it was parked right beside the gates, while just fooling around with a cell phone, which I had found laying on the ground by the gates. When suddenly I heard what sounded like somebody letting out a loud shout. It seemed to originate from the area just behind the gates, but it was unclear what word or words were actually said. It was just the loud sound of a voice. And then there were the other three occasions. On Each of the three occasions I went there alone, just as the sun was setting. And each time I just set there until it got almost completely dark. On the first visit as I was setting there parked next to the gates, I began to see strange flashes of light by the gates. The flashes of light where contained only to the area behind and around the gates. This happened three times. On third time I saw what looked like a white figure by the gates, along with the flashes of light, and decided that was enough. So I quickly left. On the second visit there, while parked by the gates I began to hear growling noises in the air just above the gates. I did not wait around to see what was going to happen next. Once again I just immediately left. On the third and final visit, I was setting by the gates just as it was getting dark, and I saw what at first I thought was a large black animal of some kind moving around by the gates. And then I thought no that looks like black smoke. It was at that very moment that I realized it was or must be a shadow. I began to slide down in the seat of my car while my heart began to beat fast, and then I decided that it was once again time to get out off there. The area behind the gates is private property, So Trespassing behind the gates is prohibited. Remains from the foundation of a house are known to be further back behind the gates, in what is an open field. There is also said to be the remains of an old barn, which some confuse for the that of the house, when in fact what is left of the house is actually a little further back. Back in 2007 a couple of houses were recently built by the gates, one of which is very close to the gates. Therefore this place does not have the same isolated experience

Visitor Emails......

My friends and I went to the "Gates of Hell" on June 27th, 2007 around 12:00 Midnight. We got out and stood by the car, which we parked right in front of the gates. Two of my friends - went beyond the gates, while the other five of us stayed back, being "chicken". They walked up through the woods, and while we were waiting for them. Two of my other friends and I, all girls, felt like we were being touched in various places by something unseen. After our two friends, unsuccessful in seeing and/or hearing anything returned, us girls, being freaked out opted to leave. We agreed, and as we were leaving our van door shut unexpectedly on my hand and once we turned around and started heading back down the road, a mysterious black dog appeared out of no where and started barking. The odd thing is, two of us didn't hear or see it, while the rest claimed it was barking quite loudly. Nonetheless, we were all freaked out. We plan on returning on another date to check it out once again.....


A Dim Looking Orb At The Gates..........Whats up Sean, You know who this is. Let me give you a little insite on orbs. There not the greatest apparition to point out in a pic, for there are too many explainations for them. One being dust reflection or a source of light, or even a obstruction on the shutter or lense. But in this case, the light source doesn't seem extravegant. I like this orb pic for many reasons. Poor light source rules out any reflection from light or bugs and dust. Another reason is how Dim it looks. Its not sticking out like a sore thumb. Its like it was kinda hidden in its enviornment, in which case, more often then not is a spiritual sign of a dark or evil spirit with strength to it. In other words, a spirit that can realize whats going on and have the capabilities of actually following, touching, or even as far as harming. The possible explaination of that certain thing that "goes bump in the night" but you cant quite put your finger on what it was? You know what I'm saying. As weird as it may sound, this is all possible Sean. I've seen some unimaginable things in the field of paranormal that can cause you to lose sleep or even some faith. I would maybe give the gates a little break before whatever may be there, decides to warm up to you a little too much. Give me a call, i'll explain more to ya. My number is 724 ***-!$*%. I'll be here all day today (Thursday). These terms im hitting on now, run a little closer to demonology, i'll explain later. Take care Sean, and remember where there is White, there is Black. So where there is good, there is Evil!!!! BE CAREFULL!!!!.....


it has been many, many years since I have been there. Back then there weren't "No Trespassing" signs.  20  years ago it really looked like the gates of hell. Before the blue farm gates existed there was a huge wrought iron gate that sat on those two gate posts. It was a huge black wrought iron gate with the spiky pointy things.  The story was that if you walked past the gates of hell at midnight you would never be heard from again. I have never known anyone that had the guts to walk past the "old" gates at midnight. I do not know how old the legend is, but I heard it pretty much in the same version you did. The only exception being about passing the gates at midnight. We sat at the gates many nights. It was always fun to take an out of Towner to the gates and tell them the legend. I never encountered one person that would cross the gates at midnight. I had one boyfriend that went around to the other side of the gates but he got a really bad feeling immediately and came right back around. We always had bad feelings there but we kept coming back!  I believe the  house sat farther back. However, I have never seen evidence of a house. I have a friend that claims there is a stone walkway that looks like it led to a house at one time. We grew up in the area. I am from near Smock. It was when we started dating some boys from near Fairchance that we learned about the gates. After we stopped seeing them we would take new dates to the gates to see how brave they were. The roadway that you now see behind the gates was completely overgrown. There was nothing there but a walking path. If you know of any other places in Fayette County with legends please let me know. I went to Quaker Cemetery  yesterday in Perryopolis