True Gourmet Coffee

The begining of great coffee begins with the bean and true gourmet coffee is produced mostly from the Arabica gourment coffee bean. As a means of capturing the best possible flavor of the coffee bean Avid coffee drinkers insist that gourment coffee is best when consumed within three days of its production. The basis of any gourmet coffee is the coffee bean, 70% of the quality of gourmet coffee comes from the coffee bean. The other 30% percent of the coffee bean is determined by the enviroment in which the coffee bean was grown. Arabica beans are regarded as having the being the best flavored beans. Robusta beans are cheaper to grow, but their taste is considered to be below that of Arabic beans.

Kona Coffee

Kona Coffee plants reach their peek during the months of February and March. The white flowers which spring from the kona plants are known are nicknamed "Kona Snow". The stages of deveolopment are as follows.By the month of April The tiny flowers known as kona snow transform into green berries. The final stage of development occurs in late August after the Green Berries, turn into red fruit which can be best compared to the appearance of cherries. One day after having been harvested the fully matured fruit of the kona Coffee plant is ran through a machine known as a pulper which seperates the pulp from the bean after which time the beans are placed in a tank to begin the fermentation process.

The plant in which kona coffee is produced from was first introduced to the region of Kona in 1828 by Samuel Reverend Ruggles. Fermentation of the plant usually takes any where from 12 to 24, hours depending upon whether the process of fermenting the coffee beans, takes place at a low elevation, or at a higher elevation.Popular flavors of Kona Coffee include Vanilla Macadamia, Chocolate Macadamia, and Hazelnut. Factors such as soil sun and fertilization, can effect the taste of kona coffee, either positivley or negatively. The Hawaiian Islands of North and South Kona is the only place in the world where pure kona coffee is grown. The most common type of kona bean is medium roast, as the medium roast kona coffee bean is the best way to capture the true and orginal flavor of Kona coffee. Famous for it's smooth taste Kona Coffe is availiable in a variety of smooth rich flavors, with very low acidity.

Volcano Coffee

Volcano Coffee or "Volcanic Coffee" is known for it high caffeine content, and special gourmet coffee flavor. It is recognized as being the strongest coffee in the world. This is due to the special select coffee beans from which it is produced. The beans are grown on the large Hawaiin island known as Kilauea. which is home to one of the most active volcanos in the world. The production of Hawaiinan volcano coffee is complimented by a climate, which as a perfect balance of sun and rain, and of course the rich and fertile Kilauea volanic soil.