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Special Edition Saturns

First Saturn to Leave the Assembly Line in Spring Hill

first-gen Two-tone SL2 and SC
SL2- Light grey/dark grey
SC- Red/silver
SL2- Maroon/silver

first-gen Silver SL2
-Silver paint
’93 SL3?
(This car was a prototype, and pictures have been rumored. This is easily the most obscure, most puzzling car on this list. My '93 SL2 owner's manual makes reference to an SL3 on numerous occasions, see below. In this case, it's referring to manual headlight opening, which proves that it had pop-up headlights, a la SC2.)
-SL2 with SC2 front end
-Loaded (leather, power everything, sunroof)
-2.5 liter 30-valve inline 6 or V6 making 250 horsepower

’94 Homecoming Edition SL2
-Black emblems
-Loaded (power everything, leather/cloth seats, sunroof)
-Rear headrests
-Choice of transmission
-Teardrop wheels
-Pearl White paint, plus sideview mirrors

’96 5-year Anniversary SC2 (and SL2?)
-Perforated leather seats/steering wheel (grey leather?)
-Black with red pinstripe?
’97 Gold Edition SC2
-Gold pinstripes
-Black/gold emblems
’97 Red SL2
-5-speed transmission
-2 per dealer production run?

’98 Pearl White SL2/SC2
-Cost an additional $150

’98 Red Hot/White Hot SC2
-Color denotes body color (bright red or pearl white)
-Black roofs and mirrors
-Inner part of alloy wheels painted black
-White-faced gauges
-Cost an additional $225

'98 Grey/Bronze SL1/SW1
-Double-spoke wheel covers
-Body-colored bumpers
-Black emblems
-Cost an additional $75

’99 Homecoming Edition SL2
-Frost green paint job
-Black emblems
-White gauges with ‘Homecoming Edition’ written on them
-Loaded like ‘94s, choice of transmission

’01 Yellow SC2
-Yellow paint
-Black emblems
-2K-3K production run

’01 Yellow Limited Edition SC2
-Yellow, but black roof and mirrors
-Black/yellow leather interior, yellow stitching on steering wheel, shifter, and e-brake handle
-Came with 15" American Racing chrome wheels
-Came with Certificate of Authenticity and yellow jacket (spiffy!)
-99 production run
-Saturn emblem on headrests

’01 10th Anniversary Edition SL2
-Black emblems
-Perforated leather seats with '10' on headrests
-White gauges

Right-hand drive Saturns

-SWP models

2002 Silver/Blue SL SE
-Silver Blue color
-A/C came standard
-$9,995 MSRP
2002 SL Sport
-Exterior identical to SL2, except no foglamp option, and had plain reflex panel
-SL2 interior (sans 8K rpm tach and 130 mph speedometer)
-Sunroof, spoiler, SL2 alloys
-$11,750 MSRP
Race/FI Saturns
-All years
-All colors
-All engines
Race Guaranteed to leak fluids, break diff pins and axles, cause fits of blind rage, and beat the hell out of the competition
FI Guaranteed to leak oil, smoke profusely, bend/snap internals, break diff pins, cause fits of blind rage, and to cause an ear-to-ear smile when the driver hears 'Vrooom ssssssssss PSHHH!'

Thank you to all who contributed to this page.

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