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Want to be a Sub-Wholesaler?


Do you want to make some extra cash?



Becoming a sub-wholesaler:



  • We provide over 3000 fast-selling products at below-wholesale prices.



  • We warehouse all that merchandise for you.



  • On most items, you can more than double your money in profits!  Thousands of products to sell! 



  • Gift items, Garden, Toys, Tools, Jewelry, Water Globes, Fountains, Hunting Knives and Swords, Porcelain Dolls, Baby Items, Photos Frames, Kitch Items, Lamps, Night Lights and so much more!



  •  It only takes a few hours a week or month depending on how much you want to make! 



  • You keep all your profits!  I dont take a percentage of your sales!



  • There's no quota, no preasure. 



  • Sell as much as you want, when you want! 



  • Sell your items to friends & family, neighbors, at swap meets, lea markets, Gift shops, Kiosk. 



  • You can buy extra catalogs and distribute them  in your doctor's offices, dry cleaners, doughnut shop, coffee shop, laundramat and anywhere else you're a "regular".  Take them to work.



  • Also included is over 20 ways to distribute your catalog and brochures.



        How it works!  


You pay a $25.00 refundable fee that is returned after your first $250.00 in purchases.  You will receive a Subwholesaling kit that includes:



  • An introductory letter



  • A full color catalog of over 300 pages full of all items available for sale.



  • A Special supply catalog.  (for ordering any supplies that can help your items sell!  like rubber stamps or sickers)



  • Training booklets



  • Price list



  • A supply of  Fast-Action order forms



  • Secured deposit certificate and



  • A reply envelope. 




This kit includes everthing you need to get started right away.  With over a hundred places to distribute your catalogs your sure to bring in orders.  And for a $25.00 refundable deposit, you cant go wrong!


  • We ship directly to your home and you distribute your merchandise!