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Amy's World

My name is Amy...I'm 19 yrs old! I'm from PA...yea awesome I know! I love Danny!!!!!!!! If you haven't guessed thats my hat??? If you dont' like my pic I could care less trust me I won't lose any sleep over it! But if you like it im me and we can talk! I'm into playin basketball, softball, and volleyball...also if I can find a pool table then you will find me there! I just love to party with my buds Belinda and Julie! If there is a chance for me to get drunk then that is what I will be doing my friday and saturday nights! I just love getting into trouble b/c I love trying to talk my way out of it...which I usually can...but for those odd moments that I can't...I deal with whatever comes my matter how big or mean it is! I never back down from a challenge...I am not afraid of anyone (except for my father...hey give me a break..he is my father)! I hate when ppl make threats and not bugs the hell out of me for some odd fucking reason! Many ppl say I am FUCKED UP...well sometimes they are right! I tell ppl how it is...sometimes I speak before I think...but I don't give a flying fuck....I don't care what other ppl think...b/c the only person I have to make happy in this world is ME!!!! I just got my tongue pierced and it is so fucking awesome!! Oh by the way did I meantion I love Danny!! are like a sister to me...I know more about you then your own parents do (and we will keep it that way)! We have done some crazy shit in the past few years! We have lied to our parents about stayin at each others houses just to go to partys with guys we have just meant!! I know that there is going to be much more crazy shit in store for us in the future and I just hope we can at least talk our way out of it! That baby of yours is so damn cute....I can't believe you are a mommy now! are like a sister to me...wait a min you are my! You and I have been through more shit then I can remember...but no matter what we will always be friends...thats scary I know but hey I can't help it! Just promise me that you will take me out for my 21st birthday...b/c if you don't I know where you sleep...LOL!!! Thanks so much for being there for me when times got means alot to me to have a sister like you! are my baby and I love you to death! I can't think of another person to be with! I can't wait to see you and go back to Wisconsin with you! I don't know how to put into words what you mean to me! You the one and only guy I want to be with, your my best friend and you know so much about me and you still love me and that says something! You and I known each other for a very long time and I tell you everything and you truely are my best friend! I LOVE YOU BABY!!!! are one of my best friends and I can't say how much I love ya man! I am glad you have moved on past don't know how much I truely hate her! Anyway good luck in what you do in life b/c you have had a hard life and you need something to go your way sometime soon! You one of my truest friends and no matter what you can always count on me to be there for you! Aaron...aka are such a close friend I can't even begin to explain what you mean to me! I have told you so much that it's not even funny! I will most definatly have to come visit you when you are at college this year! I mean come on you wouldn't have gotten threw your freshman year without me! LOVE YA LOTS!!! You will always be my Homefry! are the coolest guy I know...ok there i said it ok...happy now??? Damn...I need to come to Topeka and we are going to have some and and all the others that you party wit! We will have a blast!!!! Tell Jamie hi...since she has me on iggy...haha!!! Kevin....hmm sexy and sweet what can I say! You are a true southern boy and I love's so cute lol! Don't be getting in anymore fights and your hands won't hurt anymor! How's your truck doing after anthony well you know what he did we wont bring it up! Anyway you better keep in touch with me! Love ya hun!!!! Well thats about it if ya want to know more about me I guess the only way you are going to find out is if you talk to me! I am easy to talk to so just drop me a line! One more thing...always say what you mean and mean what you me I have learned from experience that if you don't mean it then don't say it b/c in the end someone is going to get hurt! Well thats my life leason for back again to see whats new with me and my great life...LOL!!!! OH yea one last thing STEVE NICE ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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