Korea: Land of the Not Quite Right

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I really like Korea so don't let the title fool you. It's just for a foreigner like myself, Korea can be full of interesting sights, sounds and smells that I feel cannot be found anywhere else. These experiences have been funny, beautiful, enlightening, and sometimes downright obnoxious. I caution you to keep an open mind though, as it is the key to getting the most out of the Korean experience. So, with that bit of advice, join me as I guide you through an affectionate look at the great country called the Republic of Korea.

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Kimchee! It does a body good.
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Let's start with my favorite subject. Korean food. I recommend that you try some of the local cuisine. Korean restaurants offer a variety of tasty meals with huge portions at very affordable prices. When you enter a Korean restuarant, you will notice that it is usually divided into two sections. One section will be a typical western style with tables and chairs. The other will consist of very low tables with a small hibachi type grill built into the center and small cushions arranged where the chairs would normally be. I prefer to dine at the low tables. Some westerners find this arrangement uncomfortable but the experience is well worth the minor cramps.

My favorite Korean dishes:

Kimchee (spicy, fermented vegetables)

Click here to answer the question, What the heck is Kimchee?

Beef Kalbi (Korean style Bar-B-Que that you cook yourself) Delicious!

Bi-bim-pap (rice,egg and vegetables)

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