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Schools and Churches of Summit Hill, PA

Updated January 14, 2007


This is another J. Brown photograph from the 1860s that I believe is a local minister. It has the same background as the Rev. Davis' picture (shown under Methodist Church). If anyone knows his identity, please email me. Thanks.

The First Presbyterian Church

This is a memory sketch of the first church building (1846) from Charles Storch. "No picture being extant of the original church, the sketch was very accurately made on the testimony and recollection of the older members of the Church and Sabbath school, and it was only after a careful verification of its accuracy by veterans of the community that the sketch was finally submitted to the engraver."

This picture is from the 1890s of the remodeled building, which was done in 1872. This building was razed in 1895.

This postcard view shows the building as it was after completion in 1897. The spire was removed in 1955 due to age and the damage that occured in October '54 by Hurricane Hazel.

St. Joseph's Catholic Church

In 1849 LC&N donated land at the west end of town for a Catholic church and cemetery. The building and Parsonage were completed in the early 1880s. The rectory connected to the church was torn down on July 11, 1988 and major exterior renovations were finished in 1989. This is how it looked around 1905.

St. Paul's Reformed & Lutheran Church

The original Reformed-Lutheran Church building and interior. A few of the pews from this building still exsist.

St. Paul's German Reformed Church

St. Paul's United Church of Christ was organized in 1865 as the German Reformed and Evangelical Lutheran Churches. Lot numbers 26 and 28 of West Hazard Street were purchased for $200 from LC&N and the congregation erected a house of worship on November 19, 1865. In 1895 St. Paul's adopted a constitution that resulted in a split of the Lutheran and German Reformed congregations. The Lutherans received all the money in the joint treasury and the Reformed congregation all the property, both real and personal. The German Reformed Church was rebuilt in 1905. This is how the new building looked a few years after completion in 1910.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church

In 1865, the chapter of Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Paul included the St. Paul's German Reformed (see above). A cornerstone was laid at 121-123 West White in 1895 and the building was completed in 1897. On March 24, 1901 the bell was consecrated. The spire was removed in 1926 (lower picture). This picture was snapped around 1905.

Methodist Church

This is the Rev. Henry H. Davis. He was the first Pastor of the Methodist church and he served the congregations of Summit Hill, Nesquehoning, and Parryville. This is a photo from J. Brown which dates to the late 1860s

The original Methodist Church that was used by parishoners was a one-story frame church built on a lot donated by the L.C.& N. on West White Street in 1872. In 1888 the building was raised and a stone foundation put under it and the wing on the west side of the building added in 1893 (top photo). A parsonage and lot on the corner of Oak and White was purchased in 1921 and that building was moved to the back of the lot. The present brick building was dedicated in 1926 (bottom photo).

St. Philip's Episcopal Church

The history of St. Philip's is associated with St. Mark's Church in Mauch Chunk. The Rev. Peter Russell, rector of St. Mark's, tended to a few families in Summit Hill. He performed the first baptism in town on September 13, 1845. On November 22, 1849 a parish was incorporated and the next year a building was erected and the Rev. Russell was the first Pastor. On July of 1850, the cornerstone was laid with the assistance of Rt. Rev. Alonzo Potter, the Bishop of the Diocese. It was finished 5 months later and the building was consecrated by Bishop Potter. St. Philip's was also called the 'Bell Church' for many years because it was the only church in town to have a bell to call its parishoners. The church closed in October 1977 when it merged with the Triniity Church of Lansford.

St. Stanilaus Church

The St. Stanilaus parish was established in 1924. Until the church was finished the following year, Polish Parishoners worshipped at St. Joseph's Church. In 1925, the church, school, rectory, and convent was dedicated on the corner of Market and Hazard Streets.


The Lincoln Building

The Lincoln School was built in 1875 and held all classes until the Washington school was built in 1911. The school was located at Market and Hazard Streets and held the town clock. This is the Market Street side of the school. It closed in 1954 and was torn down 10 years later to make way for the Post Office.

A little girl poses in front of the Lincoln buuilding. The picture dates in the 1920s.

Washington High School

The Summit Hill High School was built in 1911 for $65,000 and served as a three year high school. It was built next to the Lincoln building on Hazard street.

Phillip Ginter High School

Built on land donated fron LC&N, the Junior High School was dedicated on November 26, 1927, built at a cost of over $200,000. In the early morning of April 14, 1971 while most were asleep, the 43 year old Ginter School was destroyed by fire.

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