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Printed in January 2003 issue of Spotlight Magazine & Appearing at PA Rocks


In 1996 Aaron Austin, Kent Rienford, and Jim Earnest met in a Bloomsburg music store, and have since connected with eachother real well to form quite the hard rock band, 4Saken.

The three decided to start a band, Aaron told the guys about his brother Taylor Austin who played guitar, had a good musical background and was mroe experienced. Taylor joined his brother Aaron, Kent, and Jim shortly after he graduated from college. The guys started playing out at some clubs, but it soon got hard for them as Jim was heading to college and Taylor and his wife were expecting their first child. For a few short years they all took a hiatus to concentrate on their personal lives.

After a while, Kent and Aaron decided that they wanted to start playing again. Taylor had since joined another band, but was very unhappy with it, so he quit, and joined Kent, Aaron, and Jim to start the band back up again. After practicing, they started playing in some smaller clubs in and around their hometown area of Berwick/Bloomsburg. Things went well for them, with Kent on lead vocals and guitar, Aaron on back-up vocals and bass, Taylor on back-up vocals, keyboard, and guitar, and Jim on drums.

In mid 2002, they added Joey Hampton, whose former band Mainline nation didn't really work out, to the lineup. Joey, with his awesome vocal ability, joined the guys in 4Saken as lead singer. Since then the band has consisted of Joey Hampton, lead vocals; Kent Rienford, guitar and back-up vocals; Taylor Austin, guitar, keyboard, and back-up vocals; Aaron Austin, bass and back-up vocals; and Jim Earnest, drums.

As far as venues, the band is still playing at some smaller ones but they're working their way up, and getting to bigger and better places. Although it depends on the club itself, he number of people coming out to shows dosen't really matter to them. They just want to get their music out there. As of now, they are getting quite a good turnout and I'm sure it will only increase even more in time. Who knows, you may end up seeing these guys down in Panama City Beach, Florida playing for thousands at the infamous Club La Vela for Spring Break!

Their music style is heavy new rock, but they play anything and everything in between. Covers played by 4Saken mainly consist of Korn, Disturbed, New Found Glory, Linkin Park, Alice In Chains, and Rage Against the Machine. They also do an older rock medley that features Vanilla Ice, Poison, Danzing, and more. You can also hear an original thrown in here and there, which you will be able to catch on their CD once released. They plan on going into the studio within the next few months to get that done.

Each member brings something of their own into the band, whch really with these particular five guys, makes them stand out. Every show has solid high energy, good crowd interaction, and of course a great sound. Their full intensity and movement makes every show a kick ass time, making you want to come see them again and again. Watch for 4Saken to invade stages all over PA, and maybe even beyond!

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