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Plymouth Youth Soccer...still kickin' for over 20 years!!!

Important items to remember

See you at the banquet. We still could use some help on the board. See photos from years past in interactive are listed below.check out other soccer stuff: Facilities & Domes - Scranton, PA Marlboro, PA Wilkes Barre,PA Jessup, PA - York,PA Organizations and Info - NorthEast Travel - NSCAA - NCAA Equipment Sites - Eurosport - Videos, Books, Coaching Material Last updated Sun Nov 5th, 2006

Click below for more info. The New WyomingValley Website can provide alot of field and general info

Soccer gift ideas
Soccermania Rte 315
Plymouth Youth Soccer UK Soccercamp info
New Wyoming Valley Youth Soccer Assoc web site
Plymouth Youth Soccer interactive message/photo area