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Saint Philip & Saint James Winter
About Us

Saint Philip & James Church

S.t Philips & S.t James Hodge Hill Birmingham

We are situated on top of Hodge Hill common and we have two services on Sundays. The first starts at 8:00am and the second starts at 10:00am with the latter being a family service fully using the facilities available for Sunday Schools and sports.

A minibus provides an easy access to the 10:00 O'Clock service and there is plenty of parking.

We are a Daughter Church with St. Mary & St. Margarets, Castle Bromwich. We also have a partnership with the United Reformed Church which is situated at the bottom of Hodge Hill Common on the Coleshill Road.

Revd Richard Taylor
The Revd Richard Taylor has left S.t Philips & S.t James to go and be a vicar in S.t John the baptist church in Weston Super Mare. There was a huge service and party to wish Richard and Geraldine good luck and to say good bye. Every Sunday we now have visiting vicars to take our services.

Important Update!! Our interegnum has ended! Our new vicar, Revd Andrew Fisher, will be liscenced on Decemeber 13th. We offer him and his family our prayers as they prepare for their move.

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