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  Wind Cave

Known as wind cave or cold cave because of the constant flow of cool air that comes from the mouth of the cave

From the Pequea Marina parking lot hikers can walk over the steel bridge and through downtown pequea. The trail entrance is located on the right hand side of the road just after the first bend in the road.

The Cave is located just a couple minutes walk from downtown Pequea. the entrance to the trails leading to the cave are just off of Bridge Valley Road.

The road leading to the lake and the cave trails is gated and there are rules and regulations for the area posted. The trail is red blazed and very well marked once you get on it. The trail begins on the left about forty yards down the road from the gate.

There is a small stream there and crossing over it you are on the trail climbing up the hill. About a half mile from there is the entrance to the cave.

many people park at the marina and walk the half mile to the trail entrance

The cave system and surrounding trails are a popular hiking destination.

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