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Sunday, 31 March 2002

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  Australian Shipping 1788-1967
  Convict Transports
  NSW Shipping
  Immigrant Index NSW 1844-59 (select ship name)
  All NSW Arrivals 1873
  Immigrant Index Moreton Bay 1848-59 (select ship name)
  Immigrant Ships to New Zealand 1835 to 1910
  Passenger Lists to New Zealand
  Passenger Lists to New Zealand
  New Zealand Passenger Lists
  Queensland Shipping
  South Australia - Buffalo Passengers-1836
  South Australian Shipping Lists 1836-1840
  South Australian Shipping Lists 1841-1846
  South Australian Shipping Lists 1847-1886
  South Australian Assisted Passengers 1836-1841
  Shipping to SA from Harz region Germany 1848-1855
  Victoria: Inward Overseas Passengers from British Ports 1852-1879
  Victoria: Inward Overseas Passengers from Foreign Ports [ie not British] 1852-1879
  Victorian Shipping
  Western Australia Shipping (10 or more passengers)
  Ships to Western Australia 1829 - 1849
  Ships to Western Australia 1899
  Ships to Western Australia 1900
  Ships to Western Australia Jan-Feb 1901
  Irish Rebels to AUS 1797-1806
  Most Irish Convicts to NSW 1791-1820
  UK data on passengers to AUS
  Immigration resources held by Genealogy Soc of VIC & State Library of VIC