what are the facts about OCD

Let me begin with this: OCD sucks. OCD sucks so much that many people are afraid to seek help. That is the first mistake an Ocd suffer can make. Get help, you need it!

Do you find your brain thinking about a million things all at once all the time. DO you feel depressed or anxious often? Do you feel that you have to do certain things over and over or bad things will happen to you or your loved ones. Do these thoughts make it almost impossible for you to live. You are not alone! There are close to 10 million people in the United states just like you.

I myself am an 18 year old Guy from Philadelphia who has decide to make something of my life and try to help the 10 or so million of you out there with OCD, and especially encourage people who think they may have OCD or know they do to first of all read up on OCD. Let me repeat. Learn as much as you can on OCD. This will make you feel more knowledgeable about your disorder, and less alone. That is the beginging to you getting better. Learning what is wrong. You have taken the first step. Give yourself a pat on the back you deserve it. It took me a good 3 years to figure that out.


My goal is to inform as many people as I can about OCD. Getting the information out there can really help people. A lot of my information is directly from other sources. Why do I do this? Because many of these professional sites can offer information I simply can not provide. I do not mean to infring on any copy righted informations, I simply want to make a page with as much information possible, to help all the suffers out there. I do not take credit for all the information on this site.

where do I get help exactly?

You didn't think that was possible did you. Honestly to tell you the truth I haven't overcome it yet either. But you have to remember I was only diagnosed a couple months ago. I started on SSRI's and they didn't do a thing. Then I was advanced to zyprexa, which is suppose to help OCD in small doses. And to a lot of extents at least as far as the anxiety goes, it has. But you have to remember, zyprexa is very strong medicine which is usually used for schizophrena(sp). So far I have gained 30lbs being on it for a little over a month. Definitly something to consider, luckily I was underweight to begin with. You may be more worried about weight gain then myself. Average gain is anywhere from 20-100lbs! Scary thought isn't it? Especially for those who are overweight already. I hear you trust me. So whats the solution then? Well you have to ask yourself, is it more important to feel good or to look good? You have to decide that for yourself. There are three options. Medicine, self help, or therapy. Self help is without saying the worst case scenario. Therapy is the professional way to go. The one that all experts advise is the best route. medicine is the last options. A lot of times professionals with give medicine in lou of therapy.

what I know about all the medicines

there is just so much to tell, advice, support, I could speak hours about this disorder and my experince, and if you would like to know just email me. I would like to learn how to put a message board or guest book so I can hear from all of you.

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questions? comments? any advice, I want to here from you!

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