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We have a ton of lyrics to put up.....patience is a fucking virtue, brah.

Mercury Disabled

July is dying
theres two weeks
til I'm off again
into the blue
I'm through
with just remembering you
this summer
there's things i'd redo
I've been missing out

Wish I could say
Just how I feel
But I'm still afraid

Writing Diary notes
wondering if you'll know
Unspoken words meant for you
Writing Diary notes
Maybe Someday I'll show

This fluid drips
solemn scars on blank faces
thoughts collapse
into fingertips
This pen keeps thoughts
from falling to the floor
there's so much to lose
but i'm not letting go of you...

Setting moons and shooting stars
i'll wish upon
for new ways to stay in your eyes
Setting moons and shooting stars
Remind me how
I'm falling for you...

Feelings linger in the distance
like the sound of echoing chimes
You taught me a lot
of things about myself
and proved me wrong...

I'll miss this smiling room
and thinking thoughts of you
Those summer nights
watching stars fall
in my roof in june
thanks for coming true...

I'm falling for you...

Lipstick Grammer

So close and so far
Is driving me bizarre

I'm dreaming up faith
Cause chance
has left me to dismay
And all these movies
Got me searching
a fairytale
and things don't work out
that way...

I've put all i've got
in a bottle
with bleeding letters off to sea..

You don't know the real me...
are you dying to find out?

Charade Parade

Device enticing
but the feeling is brief
and fleeting
Give me something more...

The lipstick on my collar
will fade and wash away
and that's all that i'll remember
of a golden face
Blink your eyes and blush
lush lavender
But that will only keep me away

Empty words have no place to stay...

Pillar of Salt

Well I guess you had to go
but i thought that you should know
ever since you went away
nothings been the same
and i lie awake
in fields where we
carved our names
in grains of a willow tree

how did this ever die?
I guess that's where the money lies
i can't figure it out
i can't figure it out this time

I realize i lost my place
in your eyes
water won't rinse away
our nights
I kept you're picture
to remember you

Press on I must
I'll try

Everything reminds me
everything reminds me
wash away
is only trivial in gain

in time you'll hit
the back of my mind

look back and crumble

I'll never be perfect
for you...

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