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I didn't know my dad's family until recently so here is my story...

I never knew of my dad or his family until I was about 13 years old. One day I just decided to make some phone calls that I had received from other people helping me try to find my dad. The first person who I called ended up being a cousin of mine on my dad's side and she just found that out like 5 months ago that my dad was her uncle. Coincedently, she happened to go to church with my sisters, brother, and their kids. My cousin's neighbor happened to know the number for Patty who is my sister so i gave her a call and pretty much that same day i found everyone. A few days later we met and these pics below are from the first day we met each other. For everyone who is looking for someone don't give up hope there are people out there willing to help and you will find who your looking for.

my son keith and brother phil
camera dropped
my sis Kate
me and my bro Phil
me, phil, patty, kate, ryan, emily, and baby keith
my sis Patty
Patty and her husband tom
Patty Me & Kate
my brother phil