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My fan fiction writing started with the Twisted Hazzard Trilogy I co-wrote. (Actually I co- ideaed #1 and co-wrote #2 The girl is a very good writer and if you are interested visit Heather´s Duke´s of Hazzard page.

DISCLAIMER:The characters from DoH are the property of Gy Waldron.

Twisted Hazzard
Dukes/X-Files crossover.
Things are not well in Hazzard. Mulder and Scully investigate.

Twisted Hazzard 2
The evil returns to Hazzard and threatens the Duke´s new found peace.

Twisted Hazzard 3
Things are still not back to normal

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The rest are my own and the links are all fixed now (as of 11-6-03)

The Cat Came Back
Guess who´s back and causing more unexpected and unwanted trouble

Tornado Terror
A tornado treatens Boss´s plans

Flying Blind
The Dukes try and deal with trouble that has nothing to do with Boss and things go from bad to worse.

Luke´s had an accident

Seeing Double
A young woman arrives in Hazzard with more than a secret.

Summer of ´73
Luke returns from Vietnam

The Twenties
What if the Dukes lived during the Roaring Twenties? (this is an EPIC!) I'm sorry about not editing this to be readable and I don't even remember why I wrote it in the first place!! phew!