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A Fan Fiction Realm

Welcome to my page. I got all the stories transfered over and currently trying to finish a few more. Enjoy and let me know what you think and which stories you like the best or the least etc. PLEASE SIGN THE GUESTBOOK I JUST ADDED. :)

8/29/04 I added a few new stories and maybe a few more in future! :)

5/5/06 I finally attacked the page with some much need edits. still nothing new. I created a blog though for the site at the bottom

4/27/07 I haven't been here in so LONG!!! Wow. I'm going to try and clean it up and get rid of the guest book because it seems pointless at the moment. I might write but I still have a block so we'll see. I also need to update the blog. I was also very tired of the quotes and they seems to make it feel cluttered.

4/27/07 I changed all the colors in the background and text to green and black. Then I realised how dark it is, but least it doesn't burn your eyes.

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Any Dukes pics are courtisy of Gary's Dukes of Hazzard Page.

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