Location of Hellertown, Pennsylvania
The Borough of Hellertown was founded in 1742 and is named after Christopher Heller, the first settler. Christopher Heller (age 50) and his five sons, Simon (age 17), Michael, Daniel, Ludwig and Christopher,Jr., had arrived in Philadelphia from Rotterdam on September 5, 1738. Christopher settled in Lower Saucon Township, which was then in Bucks County, at the foot of the south slope of the Lehigh Mountain not far from the present village of Seidersville. He built his log house and large log barn and outbuildings on a tract that was an original purchase of 176 acres under warrant dated September 8, 1742. This plantation, as it was called, was known as "Delay".

Simon Heller and a number of his brothers later took up residence on a tract of land in Lower Saucon Township along the Saucon Creek. This early Heller settlement has since developed into the present Borough of Hellertown. Originally in Bucks County, in 1752, county lines were changed, and the settlement became part of Northampton County. Today, it has over 9,800 people and remains one of the oldest communities in Northampton County.

The Hellertown Gunsmiths
1820 - 1875

Peter Moll (1799-1879, 4th Gen) was the son of John Moll, II, of Allentown. His brother was John Moll, III, also of Allentown. It is believed that Peter Moll moved to Hellertown about 1820, when his brother John, III, bought his father's business. Hellertown in 1820 contained thirteen houses, eighteen families, three taverns, two stores, one grist mill and seventy-three inhabitants. The first knowledge of his gunsmithing in Hellertown was found on the barrel of a rifle marked "Peter Moll, Hellertown, May 26, 1826".

2002 aerial photo of Hellertown showing locations of the P&D Gun Shop, and the Hellertown Historical Society, where you can view a rifle made by Peter and David Moll.
I've been unable to determine the reason for Peter and David Moll moving to Hellertown and leaving the gunsmithing business in Allentown. Hellertown, if you look on the map above, is about 15 miles southeast of Allentown, and in the 1820's would be a better part of a day's travel. It doesn't seem to be a family disagreement, as Josiah David Moll, son of John Moll III of Allentown, was baptized on May 13th, 1838, and his sponsors were his Uncle and Aunt, Nathan Moll and his wife, Rosanna Moll, of Hellertown. Also there are records of Molls born in Allentown that later moved to Hellertown well in the 1800's. Perhaps it was a desire for Peter to have his own business, and there were friends of the family already in the lower Saucon Valley, which helped them, get started. For now, the reason for the start of the Moll family in Hellertown is unknown.

About 1830, Peter Moll married Mary Anne Shafer (1806-1888). Unfortunately the exact date is not known. On December 5th, 1929, an article appeared in the Allentown Morning Call which marked the one-hundredth anniversary of the gunshop in Hellertown. The article read as follows: "Peter Moll erected the shop, now the Ruch Store, and moved into the place on April 12, 1831. He then married Mary Shafer and erected a dwelling, moving into it on May 31, 1831." The land on which he built his home was owned by John Younghen who sold it to Christian Shafer on May 31, 1822. On December 5, 1829 the property was transferred from Christan Shafer to Peter Moll upon payment of one hundred fifteen dollars.

2002 view of the Moll Gunshop in Hellertown, Pennsylvania. The large stone house was where Peter and Mary Shafer Moll lived and where Peter Jr. was born in 1848. The Moll family owned all the land along the block of buildings (500-522 Main Street) you see in this photo.
Peter and Mary Anne had the following siblings: Susanna (b: Jan 1832, m: Francis L. Reichmann), Nathan (b: 28 Aug 1833, d: 16 Mar 1914 in Evansville, IN), Reuben (b: Abt 1834), Mary Anne (b: Abt 1836, m: Charles Schloyer), Charles (b: Abt 1838), Elizabeth (b: 28 Apr 1841, d: 29 Apr 1918), Catherine (b: Abt 1842), Emeline (b: Abt 1842), Peter Jr. (b: Abt 1844), and John Jacob Moll (b: 12 Dec 1849). In 1860, Catherene Moll was listed as a "Tailoress" and Emeline, Peter Jr., and John Jacob as shoolchidren.

In 1860, the census lists Peter Moll as having real estate valued at $35,000, and a personal estate of $1,100. In 1870, he had apparantley retired from the Gunsmith trade, as he is listed in the census as a blacksmith. He died at 8:00pm on June 8th, 1879 from a lingering sickness. He must have been ill for a long time, as his estate amounted to only $216.98. His doctor, W. W. Detweiler, presented a bill to the estate amounting to $98.00, a considerable sum in 1879. The 1880 Census shows his wife Mary Anne living with her son Peter Jr. and his wife, where she lived until her death in 1889.

David Moll (22 Apr 1807 - 21 Aug 1852, 4th Gen) was the son of Peter Moll of Allentown. He was a cousin of Peter's and moved to Hellertown and went into business with his cousin. David Moll married Elizabeth Catherine Weber (b: 3 Jan 1810, d: 28 May 1859) on December 6th, 1835. David and Elizabeth had the following children: William H. (b: 30 Aug 1836, d: 22 Mar 1877), Edwin (b: 27 Jan 1838, d: 17 Jul 1900), Sarah Ann (b: 26 Apr 1841, d: 4 Jul 1869), Elizabeth Ann (b: Abt 1843), Henry (b: 24 Feb 1847, d: 24 Aug 1901), Thomas (b: Abt 1849) and David Jr. (b: 9 Aug 1849, d: 28 Aug 1926 ). William H.'s wife was named Hannah C. Moll (b: 23 Jun 1841, d: 26 Jul 1904).

New Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church in Leithsville, PA. One of the oldest churches in the area, it was established in 1760 when Peter Appel gave a one acre parcel of land to build a schoolhouse and a church. At first the church was known as "Jacob's Church", but soon became known as "Apple's Church" in honor of Peter Appel. This was where Peter Moll and Mary Shafer were married in 1830. The wooden church burned in 1834 and was replaced by this stone structure a year later. Peter Moll, Jr., was baptized here and also was married to Ameila Grube.
The P. & D. Moll Gun Shop in Hellertown specialized in brass-barreled pistols. The sporting type had a smooth bore, while the martial type was rifled. The stocks were made from plain maple, rather than the highly desired curly or tiger maple wood. However, the Molls did artificially grain the plain maple to make it appear like curly maple. They used the same method as the Lehman Gunsmiths of Lancaster, of wrapping an oiled or tarred cord around the wood stock, then burning it off. This gave the appearance of curly maple when the stock was smoothed and rubbed down.

The partnership of Peter and David Moll was dissolved with the death of David Moll on August 31st, 1853. John Weaver was appointed Guardian of David's minor children and he released Peter Moll of David's obligations when the Guardian sold David's personal affects for $115.00. Of this amount, David's tools accounted for one-half, or $60.00. At David's death, the business had $1,712.00 in outstanding credits. An inventory of the firm's goods showed a value of $2,706.81.

At this time, William and Edwin Moll (5th Gen). David's sons, went into the business vacated by their father's death. By the 1880's the industrial revolution had transformed the gunsmith trade. Mass produced cartridge rifles and pistols were being produced on an industrial scale and the market for handcrafted percussion lock rifles and pistols was negligent.

In 1870, the Gunsmith buisness was worth $8,000, with both William and Edwin having personal net worths of $2,000 each. Thomas Moll (5th gen., son of David Moll), and David Moll, Jr. (5th gen.), are listed as apprentice gunsmiths. When William Moll died, the gunsmithing firm became known as Edwin and David Moll, and the gun making enterprise gave way to groceries,dry goods and hardware. John J. Moll (6th Gen), a grandson of Peter's, repaired guns as a sideline until the early 1900's.

Late 19th Century Molls
1870 - 1900

Susanna Moll (b: Jan 1832, 5th Gen) was the daughter of Peter and Mary Anne Moll. She married Francis L. Reichmann sometime between 1875 and 1880. He immigrated from Saxony, Germany. Francis L. Reichmann immigrated with three children from a previous marriage in Germany, Eleanor (aged 17), Peter F. (aged 15), and Mary Reichmann (aged 6) (ages from 1880 census). In 1880, Francis Reichmann is listed as a Cabinet maker; Susanna Moll Reichman is listed as a Millner, and her sister, Catherine W. Moll, is listed as living with her and her husband Francis.

Edwin Moll (b: 27 Jan 1838, d: 17 Jul 1900, 5th Gen) was the son of David Moll. He is listed in the 1880 census as a Retail Store Keeper. The family having closed the gunsmith shop during the 1870's. David Moll, Jr. is listed as living with him, along with his brother Henry. Henry Moll was not a well person, and is listed in several census as being disabled. In 1880, his late brother William H.'s wife, Hannah G. Moll is listed as living with him, as a House-keeper, and his niece (Hannah's daughter), Elizabeth (Lizzie).

Reuben Moll (1834-?, 5th Gen) was a son of Peter and Mary Anne Shafer Moll. The 1860 census lists Reuben Moll's occupation as a Clerk. At age 26, he was probably an apprentice gunsmith to his father and Uncle. His net worth is listed as $125. The census also shows that Reuben Moll was living with his cousins, William, Edwin, Elizabeth, Henry and Thomas. Elizabeth Moll is listed as being a "Millner". David Moll, Jr., was living two doors down the street with the Charles Schloyer family, Charles having married his cousin Mary Anne. Charles Schloyer is listed as Tailor.

About 1860 Reuben Moll married Elizabeth (maiden name unkown) in Hellertown. Children were: Mary Elizabeth (b: 11 Oct 1861), Tivilla (b: 13 Nov 1868, d: 8 Jun 1959) and a son, Harry O. Moll (b: abt 1870). He moved to Missouri in the 1870s after the Hellertown gunsmith factory closed and was a gunsmith there. Mary Elizabeth Moll was married in St. Louis, Mo. She was a mail order bride. Tivilla Moll went to Joplin, Mo, died at the age of 90 there on 8 Jun 1959.

Nathan Moll, Photo taken in Cincinnati, maybe about 1890 when he was living there.
This photograph is from Aliene McRoberts
Contributed by Heather Blair
Nathan Moll (1833-1914, 5th Gen) was a son of Peter and Mary Anne Shafer Moll. He married Mary Anne Smith (b: Abt 1836), the daughter of Thomas Smith and Sophia Transue. Thomas Smith was a carpenter.

Nathan and Mary Anne (Annie) had the following children:
Ellen S. "Nellie" Moll (b: 1855? - aft 1900). Nellie was born in Ohio.
John T. Moll (b: 1858, d: 1932). John was born in Ohio.
Ora Moll (b: 1866, d: 1942). Ora was born in Illinois.
Lulu Moll (b: abt 1868, d: 7 Sep 1930). Lulu was born in Illinois. She died in Pulaski County, Arkansas
Charlotte ("Lottie") Moll (b: abt 1870, d: after 1942). Lottie was born in Illinois.

Nathan travelled extensively in his life, leaving Hellertown in the mid 1850s, first settling in Marion County, Ohio. In Marion County he met his wife Mary Ann (Annie) Smith. The Smiths had moved to Marion County on April 16, 1838 from Haycock Township, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, when Thomas Smith bought forty acres of land, at $5.62 per acre, one mile west of Prospect Village. According to the History of Marion County, Ohio (1883), Thomas Smith added to this farm thirty-four acres of wild land, at $6.37 per acre, and afterward another piece of twenty acres, partly improved, for which he paid $1,200. The last piece of land he afterward sold for $2,500, and still owns the home farm of seventy-four acres, which he improved principally by his own labor.

In the mid 1860's Nathan and Annie moved to Bushnell, McDonough County, Illinois .

The 1880 Census lists Nathan Moll living in St. Louis, MO, his occupation listed as a Tinsmith. As his younger brother Reuben was also living in Missouri at the time, it is possible they were working together, or at least had knowledge of each other there.

Nathan Moll died 16 Mar 1914 at 8:30pm at the Little Sisters of the Poor, Evansville, Indiana. He was 80 years old, white male and married. The cause of his cause of death was Cerebral Hemorrhage and arteriosclerosis. His death certificate is signed by William Davidson, M.D. of Evansville, IN. Nathan Moll was buried at Oak Hill Cemetery,1400 E. Virginia Avenue, Evansville, Indiana (47710) on 17 Mar 1914. The funeral director was Joseph Schaefer & Son of Evansville, IN.

On the back of the certificate, the county has included:

Date of Birth -- August 28, 1833
80 yrs, 6 mos. 17 days
Occupation: Carpenter
Birthplace: America
Wife Name - Annie Moll
Father Name - Peter Moll
Father Birthplace - Unknown
Mother Maiden - Mary Schaffer
Mother Birthplace - unknown

Ellen S. "Nellie" Moll (b: abt 1855 - d: aft 1900, 6th Gen). Very little is known of Nellie. She was born in Ohio. It is unknown whether or not she married. That is all that is known of her life.

John T. Moll (b: abt 1858 - d: 1932, 6th Gen) John was born in Ohio. In 1880, he was living with his parents in St. Louis, single, and is listed in the census as a cabinet maker. He married Sarah E. Selvidge (b: 1848 - d: 1936) abt 1888. Sara was born in Texas, her father was born in Sheffield, England; her mother in Germany. Sarah was a nurse. In the 1920 census, he and Sarah are living on Taylors Park Road in Constance, Boone County, KY. John is listed as a Master Carpenter. In 1930, both he and Sarah are listed as retired. It is unknown whether or not he they any children.

Ora Moll (b: abt 1866 - d: 1942, 6th Gen) Ora was born in Illinois. In 1880 she was living with her parents in St. Louis, single, and working as a Milliner. Ora's first husband was Lawrence Samuel Smith, whom she married about 1881. They had the following children:

Bessie Aline Smith (possibly died in childhood)
Robert George Smith (1882 - 1947)
Katie Smith (Gibson) (1884 - 1968)
Winnie Georgina Smith (1889 - ?)
Ruby Ora Smith (Ranney)(1893 - 1964)
Grace Alice Smith (Jacobi)(1896 - 1978)
Marion Smith (Bisbee)(1897 - 1985)
Mildred Ida Smith (Arcera) (1906 - 1991)
Larwence smith died in 1911. Ora had a second husband named Dotson. At the time of her death in 1942 she lived at 1801 West Twenty-sixth street, Little Rock, Arkansas. She died at her home. She was a member of the Twenty-eight Street Baptist church. Ora had 25 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.

Lulu (Lula) Moll (b: abt 1868 - d: aft 1930, 6th Gen) Lulu was born in Illiois. In 1880 she was living with her parents in St. Louis, attending school. It is known she married a man named "Cates" or "Gates". That is all that is known of her life.

Charlotte ("Lottie") Moll (b: abt 1870, d: after 1942, 6th Gen) Lottie was born in Illinois. She married a man named Daugherty, and was living in Cincinnati, Ohio at the time of her sister's death in 1942. That is all that is known of her life.

Photographs of Nathan Moll's children are kindly provided by Ailene McRoberts and Heather Blair

Elizabeth Moll (28 Feb 1841 - 29 Apr 1918, 5th Gen) was born in Hellertown, the daughter of Peter and Mary Shafer Moll. She married George Lee of Allentown (b: 11 Mar 1825, d: 9 Jun 1889), probaby after the Civil War (1865). George Lee was an apprentice gunsmith to Nathan Moll (of the Allentown Molls). After he completed his apprenticeship and before he entered the Civil War, George Lee was located in Iron Hill, PA. He made gunstocks for the firm of W. & E. Moll. George Lee worked for Nathan Moll of Allentown on numerous occasions from May 1859 through July 1861. There is also a reference that George Lee did planing work for the Molls, in which Lee used walnut for his stocks. After Nathan of Allentown left for the midwest George Lee moved to Hellertown where he met and married Elizabeth.

George and Elizabeth Lee had a son, William F. Lee (b: Abt 1872 in Hellertown). No other information is known about him.

Peter Moll, Jr. (1848-1883, 5th Gen) died shortly after his father, Peter Moll, Sr., at age 35. At first he was a gunsmith. The 1870 census lists him as such, with a net worth $4,500. However, after his father's death in 1879 he left the gunsmith trade, as he lists his occupation on the 1880 Census as a farmer. Peter Moll's wife Ameila Grube (1854-1922) was the daughter of William Grube and Sarah Anna Hinkel. She was born in Leithsville, PA in 1854 and was a widow at age 29. They were married in Leithsville on September 7th, 1871. Children were, William Hinkle Moll (b: 15 Feb 1872), Elaminda Moll (b: Abt 1874), Harvey S. Moll (b: 1 Dec 1875, d: 7 Aug 1876), Francis Lewis Moll (2 Jul 1877-1943, m: Elmira Marsteller), and Peter J. Moll, Jr. (b: 1880). William Hinkle Moll was named after his mother parents - William, for her father and the H. for Hinkel which was her mother's maiden name (Mother - Sarah Anna Hinkel).

After Peter Moll, Jr's. death, Ameila Grube Moll moved to Freidensville PA and married Henry Hartline (1851-1922) from Berks County on September 7th, 1899. Ameila died March 19th, 1922, Henry on February 22nd, 1922.

The 1910 census lists Edith M. Moll (1901-?), as a step-granddaugher living with Ameila and Henry Hartline. Both are buried in the Friedensville PA cemetary. Peter J. Moll is listed in the 1910 census as living in Seidersville, married to Anna G. Moll (b: abt 1882). Peter J. and Anna Moll were married about 1908. He is listed as a blacksmith.

John Jacob Moll (12 Dec 1849-27 Nov 1909, 5th Gen) was born in Hellertown, the daughter of Peter and Mary Shafer Moll. He married Christina Kressler about 1872. She was the daughter of Samuel and Sarah Kressler and was born on 27 Nov 1848. In 1880, John Jacob Moll lists his occupation as a laborer. Sarah Kressler Moll died on 4 May 1907. John Jacob and Christiana had the following children: Charles J. (b: 28 Aug 1874, d: 29 Mar 1955), and Eleanor(Ella) (b: 18 Aug 1883, d: 27 Nov 1928). John Jacob Moll is listed in the 1900 Census as a carpenter. Ella Moll is listed in the 1900 Census as a servant (maid), living with the Reichman Family. No other information is known about him or his family.

William H. Moll (1846-1877, 5th Gen) was born in Hellertown, the son of David and Catherine Weber Moll. He married Hannah C. Beidelman (b: Abt: 1842). They had a daugher, Elizabeth Susan (b: 10 May1876, d: 7 Sep 1936 in Hellertown). Elizabeth Susan married John Wurffel. No other information is known about him or his family.

Harry O. Moll (b: abt 1870, 6th Gen), a son of Reuben Moll, married Minnie Wetzel (b:abt 1877) on September 19, 1902 in Old Zionsville, Pa at the home of Rev. O. S. Frantz. Harry Moll and his bride were living in Siesholtzville at the time. Minnie was the daughter of David Wetzel. According to the wedding announcement: "After the couple returned to their home they were serenaded by a calithumpian band. The band was invited to partake of refreshments at the hotel of Erwin C. GERY and the friends of the happy couple spent a jolly time. One of the young members of the band was unable to master his instrument successfully, so he good naturedly took a seat on a rocking chair on the rear porch and listened to the harmonious strains of the rest of the band.". Harry and Minnie had the following children: Perl (b: abt 1903), Verona (b: abt 1907), George (b: abt 1906), and Elmer (b: abt 1910). The 1910 Census lists him living in Berks County, Enumeration District 25.

Molls in the 20th Century

My branch of the Moll family relocated around 1900 with the marriage of Francis Lewis Moll and Elmira Marsteller. Seidersville, Pennsylvania is a small village approximatley 12 miles northeast of Hellertown, and was the home of the Moll family for several decades. A later move to Bethlehem occcured in the 1930's followed, where most of the family lived until the 1950's. Marriages and other choices by family members in the second half of the 20th century led to the dispersal of the clan around Southeastern Pennsylvania, with my cousins currently living in Lehigh, Northampton, Montgomery and Bucks County.

Francis Lewis Moll and Elmira S. Marsteller Moll, wedding photo, 3 March 1898
William Hinkle Moll (b: 15 Feb 1872, 6th Gen), was a son of Peter Moll, Jr. His first wife was Edna (b: abt 1877, d: abt 1929). Children were Marion C. (b: abt 1908) and Dorthy (b: abt 1915). Marion C. Moll was born in Delaware. The 1920 census lists him as a machinist at Bethlehem Steel, living in Sidersville.

In the 1930 Census, William Hinkle Moll is shown as being married to Margaret (b: abt 1873). They were married about 1929. Marion C. Moll is listed as age 22, working as a bookkeeper at a trust company.

Francis Lewis Moll (1877-1943, 6th Gen) was born in Hellertown on June 2nd, 1877. He died in 1943. He was the son of Peter Moll, Jr. and Amelia Grube. His first wife was Elmira S. Marsteller. She was born in Seidersville, PA. on February 13th, 1878 and died on March 23rd, 1915. Children were Lizza A. Moll (Born 1899); Ella M. Moll (Born 1901); William H. Moll (Born 1902); Helen E. Moll (b: 1 Dec 1905, d: 29 Apr 1991), and Harry E. Moll (Born 1908).

According to the 1910 census, Francis Lewis Moll was a blacksmith at Bethlehem Steel. In the 1930 census, he is listed simply as a 'laborer', also at Bethlehem Steel. Both Francis and Elmira are buried in Hellertown, PA. Francis Lewis Moll's 2nd wife was named Lillian M. Moll (b: 1877, d: 1953). Lillian M. Moll is also buried in Hellertown, PA.

Helen E. Moll (1905 - 1991, 7th Gen) married a man named Snyderman. She is buried in Hellertown, Pa.

Family photo taken in 1934
William Henry Moll (1902-1949, 7th Gen) was born in Seidersville on November 6th, 1902 and died in Bethlehem, PA on June 28th, 1949. He was the son of Francis Lewis Moll and Elmira Marsteller. He married Ida Klotz, born in Bingen, PA, on December 6th, 1909 and died March 30th, 1977 in Bethlehem, Pa. Ida was the daughter of George Klotz & Jenny Boyer. He worked for many years at Bethlehem Steel in various capacities. Siblings were Loretta Jane Moll(married Harold Clauser), Wilbur Eugene Moll(married Alma JoAnne Dreher), Lawrence Paul Moll(married Barbara Haney), Barbara Delores Moll(married Robert Vargo), Arlene Grace Moll(married Michael Athis), Margaret Ida Moll(married Percy Lick) and Harold Charles Moll(married Shirley Fay Greenawalt).

My Father

Wilbur Eugene Moll (1929-1996, 8th Gen) was born in Seidersville PA on August 2nd, 1929 and died in Pennsburg, PA on June 7th, 1996. He was the son of William Henry Moll and Ida Klotz. He married Alma JoAnne Dreher on Feburary 22nd, 1954 in Columbus, Georgia. She was born in Allentown PA, on Feburary 12th, 1933, the daughter of Clement and Pauline Dreher.

Corporal Wilbur E. Moll, June 1952.
Photo taken at Murnau, West Germany after graduating from U.S. Army EUCOM Engineering School.
My father and his family moved to Bethlehem, PA in the 1930's, living at 521 Ontario Street. He left Bethlehem High school in June, 1946 and worked at Bethlehem Steel as an iron and steel stock unloader. In 18 March, 1948 he enlisted in the Navy Reserve, serving for 3 years in Organized Surface Division 4-31, stationed in Bethlehem Pa. He served as an Able Seaman in various capacities.

On 5 March 1951, my father enlisted in the United States Army. Initially assigned to Fort Riley, Kansas, for basic training, he was sent to West Germany and recieved advanced training from 24 April through 28 June 1952 at the Army European Command (EUCOM) Engineering School, Murnau, as a Construction Engineer Machinist. After training, his military records show him as being assigned to the 317th Engineering Pontoon Bridge Company, Eschborn, West Germany, APO NY 46. His company performed various construction projects in West Germany, including erecting many civilian bridges throughout the country as well as in Tunisa, North Africa. During his tour in Germany, he was awarded the Army Of Occupation Medal and reached the rank of Corporal. On 2 March 1953, he returned to the United States and was discharged at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania.

My Father's last driver's licence, 1995

After his military service, my father worked as a driver for Pepsi-Cola; an automobile mechanic; owned and operated several service stations in the Allentown area, and as a carpenter and construction foreman for many construction companies until his death. Brent Wade Moll (1954-) was the only child. Alma Moll remarried and lives today in Allentown with her husband, William Huber.

Wilbur Eugene Moll
2 August 1929 - 7 June 1996
Holy Cross Cemetary, Pennsburg, PA

My Uncles and Aunts

Harold Charles Moll (b: 13 Jun 1926, 8th Gen) Married Shirley Fay Greenawalt on 19 Aug 1950. They had the following children: Gail (b: 5 Mar 1953); Brian (b: 17 Jul 1956), and Carol (b: 8 Sep 1957).

Brian Moll (b: 17 Jul 1956, 9th Gen) Married Cyndie Lichtenwalter on 24 Sep 1977. They had the following children: Stephen (b: 17 Jun 1981, 10th Gen); Tanya (b: 8 Oct 1985); Karen (b: 20 Nov 1982), and Naomi (b: 9 Jun 1994).

Loretta Jane Moll (b: 25 Mar 1931, 8th Gen) Married Harold Clauser on March 6th, 1954. They had the following children: Wayne (b: 1 Nov 1946, d: 10 Oct 1967); Cecelia (b: 2 Mar 1948); Jill (b: 16 Oct 1956) and Tammy Jan (b: 8 Jul 1958).

Lawrence Paul Moll (b: 2 April 1933, 8th Gen) Married Barbara Haney on 5 Jul 1952. They had the following children: Barry Bruce (b: 1 Dec 1952, d: 13 Mar 1965); Diania (b: 23 Nov 1957) and Susan (b: 9 Oct 1963).

Barbara Delores Moll (b: 2 April 1933, 8th Gen) Married Robert Vargo on 3 May 1950. They had the following chidren: Melvin (b: 1 Dec 1950); Barbara Ann (b: 28 Nov 1953), and Robin (b: 2 Feb 1962).

Arlene Grace Moll (b: 10 Aug 1938, 8th Gen) Married Michael Athis on 25 Jun 1957.

Margaret Ida Moll (b: 21 Jul 1937, 8th Gen) Married Peter Paul Keeler on 19 Dec 1953. They had the following children: Brenda Lee (b: 14 May 1953, d: 23 May 1953); Dawn (b: 15 Jun 1955); Bonnie (b: 22 Jan 1957), and Janice (b: 25 Dec 1954).

The Hellertown branch of the Moll family tree today is quite diverse. The 2002 white pages lists 3 Moll families living in Hellertown, and over the years descendents of Peter or David Moll have scattered throughout the area and world, starting their own braches of the family.

I invite my distant cousins who are descendents of the Hellertown Molls to contribute their family histories which I'll include here.

About The Author

Brent Wade Moll
Brent Wade Moll (1954-Present, 9th Gen) was born in Fountain Hill, Pennsylvania on November 4th, 1954 at 8:33am. I am the son of Wilbur Eugene Moll and Alma JoAnne Dreher. I grew up in Allentown, graduating from William Allen High School in 1972.

Growing up I was active in the Boy Scouts, Troop 2. I joined in November 1965 and went to Camp Trexler during the summers, earning twenty two merit badges and attaining the rank of Life Scout. I was elected to the Order Of The Arrow in August 1970. In July and August 1971, I attended the 13th World Jamboree in Asagiri Heights, Japan. A very strange coincidence was that I went to Japan with James Balshi, a son of Dr. Balshi, who delivered me at birth.

Starting in eighth grade, I worked part-time at my father's service stations, pumping gasoline and filling his vending machines. He owned three stations in the Allentown area, a Mobil station at 1917 Main Street near the Paddock, another Mobil station at Cedar Crest Boulevard and Route 22, and an Esso station at 19th and Tilghman. The station on Main Street still exists, however it has been abandoned for years and is in a very dilapidated state. I suspect it will be torn down soon. The other two stations were torn down years ago and replaced with self-pumpers/convience store facilities. The Cedar Crest and Tilghman street stations are now Lukoil stations, selling Russian gasoline.

In 1970, I began interning at WAEB-AM radio two evenings per week and went out on remote broadcasts on weekends to the YMCA, at the "Hub" dances. I also was the High School Hotline reporter during the school year, and the Poolside Reporter at Cedar Beach Pool during the summers. My plans were to have a career in radio after I graduated from High School, however as with many things, life does not turned out how you planned it.

After graduating from high school, I spent many years in the United States Air Force. I've lived or worked in over 30 countries or states. In 1973, I was an extra in the James Bond film "The Man With The Golden Gun". I was stationed in Thailand at the time with the Air Force and I'm in a scene of the film photographed at the floating market in Bangkok. Unfortunately, I didn't meet Rodger Moore.

I started to attend part-time college classes at night while living in England during the late 1970s. From that, I was fortunate enough to attend college full time beginning in 1980 thanks to the Air Force. I'm a graduate of the University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC. I hold Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science and Geography, and a Master of Science degree in Geography, with additonal studies at the University Of Maryland, Munich Germany; The City Colleges of Chicago, Europe; University College, London and Kings College, Cambridge, England. During my college years I was listed twice in Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities (1983, 1984); The National Dean's List (1982, 1983), and was named to the USC Dean's list for twelve (12) semesters as an undergrad (1980-83).

Today I live in Atlanta, GA. and I'm a professional Geographer.

My father and I, Easter, 1956 with my Aunt Geraldine Dreher's dog "Tiny". Taken at my Grandparent Dreher's home in Allentown.
In my spare time I enjoy traveling on the back roads of the southeast, finding the out-of-the way historical places that are missed when you only drive on the Interstates. I also collect 19th century Staffordshire China; enjoy riding horses; shooting, skydiving, and playing mattress polo.

One of the most famous Geographers in history was Herman Moll (1654-1732), and many times over the years I've wondered if I was related to him. Unfortunately the answer is only very distantly. Herman Moll probably was born in German city-state of Bremen in 1654 and likely came to London in the mid-1670s as a refugee from the turmoil of the Scanian Wars, during which Bremen was overrun. If there is a relation to our branch of the Moll family, it's before Johan Michael Moll came to America in 1732, and even then we came from a very different part of Germany (Palatine).

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