Contact or Talk to US, YES, US!!!!!

Kittix: Ok, here is generally how you can either contact or talk to us, as the title states.. (you know you want to..)
QAK: Well, more of you guys would rather talk to me ;)

Nicknames We Use:
Tugger Kit
The_Kat (For those IRC users)
Janelle (Also for those IRC users)

Contact Us By Message:

Yahoo! Messenger (Kittix) - RumpleKittix
Yahoo! Messenger (Q.A.Kitten) - QuaxosAngelKitten
AOL Instant Messenger (Q.A.Kitten) - AngelKittenyKat
AOL Instant Messenger (Kittix) - KittixKit

Emails: (Both) (Kittix) (QAK)