Mr Conclusion

1921645; 1982; Sorrel; Height: 16; (Conclusive x Miss Amber Charge);

Stallion Show Record
World Champion, 1986 O HLT Aged Stallion
Reserve World Champion, 1985 O HLT 3-Yr-Old Stallion
Top Ten World Show, 3rd, 1983 O HLT Yearling Stallion
Quarter Horse Congress, Winner
Superior Halter, 1984
ROM Halter
Halter Point Earner

Halter Points: 99;

Stallion Offspring Record
World Champion Offspring
Reserve World Champion Offspring
Top Ten World Show Offspring
Supreme Champion Offspring
Superior Halter Offspring
AQHA High Point Halter Offspring
AQHA Reserve High Point Halter Offspring
Superior Performance Offspring
AQHA High Point Performance Offspring
AQHA Reserve High Point Performance Offspring
AQHA Champion Offspring
ROM Halter Offspring
ROM Performance Offspring
Quarter Horse Congress Get Winners
Pleasure Money-earners
NSBA Money-earners

AQHA Offspring Record
Total Points Earned: 41,832.5; Reg Foals: 1,273; Number Shown: 694; Point Earners: 599; Lifetime Incentive Fund: $477,539;

Halter Points Earned: 35,276.5; Halter Point Earners: 1,043; Halter ROMS: 645; Halter Superior Awards: 222;

Performance Points Earned: 6,556; Performance Point Earners: 222; Performance ROMS: 116; Performance Superior Awards: 38; Supreme Champions: 1;

AQHA Champions: 13; Total Superior Awards: 260; Total ROM's: 761; Total World Championships: 120; Total Res World Championships: 111; High Point Wins: 15;

Equi-Stat Offspr HLT LTE Fut Earnings: $436,411
Number of HLT Fut Offspr: 246
Offspr HLT LTE Fut Avg Earnings: $1,774

Equi-Stat Offspr WP LTE Fut Earnings: $41,552
Number of WP Fut Offspr: 17
Offspr WP LTE Fut Avg Earnings: $2,444

Equi-Stat Offspr HUS LTE Fut Earnings: $1,032
Number of HUS Fut Offspr: 4
Offspr HUS LTE Fut Avg Earnings: $258

Equi-Stat Offspr Total Pleasure LTE Fut Earnings: $46,076
Number of Total Pleasure Fut Offspr: 22
Offspr Total Pleasure LTE Fut Avg Earnings: $2,094

AQHA Offspr NSBA LTE: $65,685

Outstanding Offspring
A Double Dose of Mr, 370 HLT Pts.; LTE HLT-$7,192.33, 3x World Champ. HLT Gelding; O, AMT, Y Superior HLT
A Lilbitofmister, LTE HLT-$7,615.15
A Sizzlin Conclusion, LTE HLT-$6,462.55
At Long Last, 34.5 HLT Pts.; LTE HLT-$3,557.42, 4x World Champ. HLT Stallion
Causin Confusion, 426.5 HLT Pts., $16,588.23, 5x World Champ. HLT Mare; 3x Hi.Pt. HLT, or Jr. HLT Mare are are
Classical Conclusion, LTE HLT-$5,259.65
Cool As They Come, '01 Res World Champion O 2-Yr-Old HLT Gelding; '01 World Champion AMT 2-Yr-Old HLT Gelding
Curves, LTE HLT-$11,730.21, '00 World Champion 2-Yr-Old Mares; '01 World Champion 3-Yr-Old HLT Mare
Diversified, 60 HLT, 102 Perf. Pts., 3x World Champ. HLT; World Champ. SB-WP; AQHA Champ.
Exclusivist, LTE HLT-$5,683.66
Extremely Mister, 637 HLT Pts.; LTE HLT-$5082.28, 4x World Champ. HLT; 3x Hi. Pt. HLT or Jr. HLT; 2x Res. World Champ. HLT
First Class Mister, '01 Res World Champion Y Equitation Over Fences
Five Star Mister, LTE HLT-$13,075.93
Heavenly Ohara, 340 HLT Pts., 3x World Champ. HLT Mare; Res. World Champ. HLT Mare; Hi.Pt. HLT & Sr. HLT
Hello Mr, '01 Res World Champion AMT Aged HLT Gelding
I Am The Mr, LTE HLT-$5,387.20, '97 World Champion AMT Wealing Stallions
Keep Her In Mind, LTE HLT-$6,028.10
Lookin Good Mr, LTE HLT-$8,965.26
Miss America 1993, LTE HLT-$9,280.23
Miss Laces, LTE HLT-$6,810.10
Miss Quinclusion, 189 HLT Pts.; LTE HLT-$19,629.15, '98 World Champ. Aged HLT Mare; Res. World Champ. HLT Mare
Misterena, LTE HLT-$5,836.03
Misters Silhouette, 31 HLT Pts., 430.5 Perf Pts., AQHA Supreme Champ. Mare; Superior SAH, WHO, TR, WP, All-Around; AQHA Champ
Mr Bar Gab, 65.5 Perf Pts.; WP LTE-$6,027.20, World Champion WP
Mr Be Downtown, LTE HLT-$1,721.09; '98 PHBA World Champion O & AMT, '99 Res. World Champ. AMT; 2000 World Champion AMT & O 3-Yr-Old Stallions
Mr By Mr, LTE HLT-$5,124.08
Mr Dilemma, WP & EP LTE-$2,200.53
Mr Metallica, WP & EP LTE-$2,009.36
Newsituation, LTE HLT-$5,179.19, '99 AQHYA World Champ.; '98 World Champion AMT & O
Playgirls Conclusion, 29 HLT Pts.; $1,116.58, 2x Res. World Champ. Stallion
Precious Mister, LTE HLT-$11,412; '99 & '00 Res. World Champ. O; '99 World Champ. AMT., '00 World Champion 3-Yr-Old AMT Mares; '01 World Champion Aged HLT Mare; '01 World Champion AMT Aged HLT Mare
RL Mr Ocala, WP & EP LTE-$4,273.73
Senor Santiago, LTE HLT-$8,097.17
Squeezin N Pleazin, 99.5 HLT Pts.; LTE HLT-$3,383.31, 2x World Champ. HLT Mare; 3x Res. World Champ. HLT Mare
Surely A Mister, 490.5 HLT Pts.; LTE HLT-$7,448.28, 6x World Champ. HLT Mare; 3x Res. World Champ. HLT; Hi.Pt. HLT Mare
The Real Mr Nice Guy, WP & EP LTE-$3,833.05
Total Dedication, LTE WP-$4,514.80
Totally Mr, 2000 Res. World Champion 3-Yr-Old HLT Stallion; '01 World Champion AMT Aged HLT Stallion
What About Mr Bob, 36 HLT Pts.; LTE HLT-$3,458.80, World Champ. HLT Stallion
Whisper My Name Mr, 39 HLT Pts.;LTE HLT-$15,043.45; 4x Congress Champion, 2x World Champ. HLT Mare; 2x Res. World Champ. HLT Mare
Your In Trouble Mister, LTE HLT-$5,539.53, '97 World Champion O & AMT 3-Yr-Old Gelding
Your In Trouble Mr, LTE HLT-$5,539.53
Zip To My Clu, 190.5 Perf Pts; WP LTE-$11,284.63; WP & EP LTE-$14,301.89; O & AMT Superior WP, '01 Congress Champion Nov Y WP

Leading Sire List
AQHA Halter List: #1 All-Time Leading Sire of HLT ROM Qualifiers - 289

Other Information
Mr Conclusion is still a major force in the halter show ring. At the 2000 AQHA World Show, he sired or sired the dam of 18 (30%) of the 60 World or Reserve World Championships, and he sired or sired the dam of 60 (20%) of the 300 Top Ten Halter Class Winners.

The above information was provided by the Quarter Horse Directory Website. "QHD"