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From nuclear threats, Natural Disasters, and the deterioration of accuracy in the Media, we see more and more attention being drawn to the necessity of being united towards peace, love and intervention for the good of all. Yet it seems our lives are so filled with sufferings, and the hustle and bustle of just surviving our own existence that all we have time to do is hurl words at world events, while we struggle to stay afloat. This has caused me to give thought to a particularly unique question. Where are we and where are we going in this evolutionary process we are in? On a personal level we know that our conversion is a process but as citizens of the world, have we lost sight of the evolutionary goal in this "Me" oriented society?

In 2 Thessalonians we read about a great falling away of Truth in the last days with instructions to hold on to what has been written and to the Traditions. In the apocalyptic chapters of the Gospels we hear Jesus warn about the rampant deceit being taught as Christian teachings and that there would be MANY who receive those teachings as Truth, and Teach those errors as Truth. In Ephesians 4 we read not only is there ONE faith but we read that Jesus will not return until we all come together in unity of faith and knowledge of Jesus.

What did Jesus come to earth for? To die on the cross? No he died for that.... What did he live for? To preach the Kingdom of God. What is a Kingdom?
A territory governed by laws that provides certain privileges and requires certain responsibilities of it's citizens. Why the laws? Because God is a God of order not chaos.

How righteous were the Scribes and Pharisees, willing to debate even the tiniest points of law? Are we that righteous really? Or have we gotten lax and myopic? Does the world still exist? If so then so do God's laws. So what is the point of the laws? What will all the order that comes out of the void and chaos through obedience to the Law produce? PEACE ON EARTH GOOD WILL TO MEN.... Are we really doing our part to establish this? Have we not evolved through the evolutionary process enough to realize that Peace is the only way? Are we still so primitive as to think we can shove another person or another country and that they won't shove back? Have we forgotten so much Truth that we think the law is out dated and that chaos is better so that each person's personal desires become inalienable rights? We are doomed if we do not see the error in that or if we fail to realize we each have a duty to participate in a movement towards peace on earth.

Each week I sit down and spend an hour writing out emails. It is amazing how many email addresses are on line these days. I write to Congressmen and Senators on topics they will vote on. I write to advertisers who exploit women. I write to the News Media presenting a "New" twist on their topics (actually it is the old one they forgot about... the Christian view demanding truth and dignity". Only I do it using two techniques I learned from Judaism and Scripture.

The first is to pose a question. Ask a question and you engage your audience in a thinking mode. They aren't so apt to tune you out. Just go back through the Gospels and look at how often Jesus addressed the Scribes by asking them a question first. Then he gave the answer after he had them thinking about it. Only when they are thinking will learning take place.

The second comes from the Apostle Paul who introduced the Gentiles to God as the 'unknown' God they already believed in. Well we don't have the same kind of idols now as they had then but the idols still exist and in fact were named in Ephesians 4, namely greed. So when I'm writing on issues that concern my faith I present it in terms of the God they know.... Dollars and cents and I back it up with statistics.

To get the statistics all you have to do is enter the subject you are looking for in Google and then the word "abstract" and it will pull up the links to those studies. Good Science inevitably proves Scripture, and you will find a wealth of statistics to back up the position your taking and the statistics will make it evident that it's also the most financially feasible way. I'm always amazed at the positive responses I get not that all of them are positive but a good many are and I'm also amazed at how the words of one person can shape or reshape something. I never push against them because that is the same as war and there will be a knee jerk reaction to shove back. Instead I share a way that helps them make more informed decisions. I dig the Truth out of all the miry deceit and present it in a language that will make sense to them. Truth always makes more sense than chaos.

So why do I do this? I do it because of my myopic view. I realize that the little world I live in, where my family is, my home is, the places I do business with are all affected by what goes on in the world. If I can help create a world of Peace it will affect my smaller world with peace... that is my myopic view... But I also have this evolutionary view, one that Jesus gave to us of "Peace on Earth good will to men". That isn't just going to happen. We don't become successful in careers by just sitting doing nothing, waiting for the great career to happen to us. We prepare for it. We get educated, and then work at it. Well Peace on Earth is not just going to happen either. We need to get educated on what is going on in governments, and pay attention to what the media is presenting, or what perspective they are presenting it from and start making our voices heard. If we have time to grumble and complain about such matters among ourselves then surely we can find a few minutes to write to someone who it will make a difference to. And don't just write to an office. Instead look and see who sits on the board or who is a CEO of a company and write to that person. Sure they might just pass it on down the chain but then again they might just stop and read it. Several times I've written to the Producers of various News agencies and had great success, so think outside the box about who would or could be your best spokesperson on the other end of your email. Writing to the President's wife can be more effective than writing to the President. You get the idea?

I always use respectful titles and thank them for time and assistance in resolving a matter. Where I'm writing as a consumer I am honest in telling them that I will become a consumer of their product again, as soon as I see reform in their advertising, etc. And I honor that... even when no one is looking... and even when there is not a formal boycott because I am doing my part to bring about the dream Christ had: Peace on Earth Good Will to Men. When there are enough of us willing to do more than give lip service to seeing this established, it will happen. Can you spare just one hour a week towards this cause? Wouldn't it be worth it?


Do you realize that at this present moment you are creating your future and impacting the world with your presence?
Do you realize that at this present moment you have the power to create your own history for all your tomorrows?
In this aspect we are already eternal living the past and future in the moments we create.

There is a great Rabbinic story I once heard, of a man who got on a bus. No sooner than the bus pulled out, the man lowered
the window, pulled a wad of $5 dollar bills out of his pocket and began throwing them out the window one by one. Another
passenger said "Hey man, what are you doing? You don't just throw it money away." The man replied holding a massive roll
of them high into the air "Oh but you don't understand I have all of these left and they are mine, so I will do with them
as I please".

As they rode along the man continued dropping money out the window, one bill at a time. Another passenger finally spoke up
and said "Listen buddy if your just going to throw your money away, why not just give it to me, I could use it." The man
chuckled as he replied "Oh no I'm having too much fun.

The bus went from stop to stop while the man continued dropping bills out the window one at a time watching them float across
the breeze settling to the ground in a distance. He finally ran out and settled into his seat waiting for the driver to call
the name of his town so he could get off. The smile on his face just beamed while all the passengers sat shaking their heads
in utter amazement at his stupidity, searching their minds for some sort of rational for the odd behavior.

Finally arriving at his stop, the man arose and walked to the front of the bus where he turned and asked "Does anyone have
enough money that I could have for a motel room?"

Our time .... The time God allotted to us is measured out to us in years, months, days, hours and seconds. Every time we
squander a NOW moment we are like the man tossing a bill out the window to watch it sale into the past. We can think of this
in terms of sin: Every time we fail to do the will of God we commit at least two sins: First we fail to do His will and
Secondly we do something instead that opposes His will. We may not realize how deadly these little sins of omission are but
they have a cumulative effect.

For every moment we fail to invest in doing the will of God has repercussions that carry into the future. Likewise, as all
of that chain reaction of events moves into our past it becomes unchangeable. We only have a limited number of seconds in
our life so invest them wisely for the repercussions can affect your eternity. Live your life NOW in the moment.