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This entire scene is composed of metal: table appointments, food, people etc.

Having driven down to Malvern, PA for a retreat at the St. Joseph Retreat House, I found myself 70 or so miles from my nephew's home in New Jersey. It would be unconscionable had I not paid a visit so when the retreat ended, I drove the distance to spend the weekend there. It was one of the last days of summer and the weather was in itself a work of God's art. Dean and Shirley together with Jenna, my grand niece headed for a place called GROUNDS FOR SCULPTURE. Situated in Hamilton, New Jersey, it was an outdoor superexhibition of sculpture that astounded the eye in an incredible natural setting. Works in bronze, metal, and marble, each in its great space, spoke of form and texture and invention and was one of the most memorable exhibitions my eyes have ever soaked up artful essences. One could sip a glass of wine and lose one's self in a show put on by God's Creative Energy and the chisel of human hand. One could walk for hours and not see the entire grounds. There was time in another visit when the trek could continue. We all found certain works that appealed to us. Nooks and crannies should be investigated for gems were hidden from view and only open to the curious and the inuitive or questioning mind. We lunched in a shaded garden. There were bamboo stands (no pandas) and pines and disiduous trees, nestled among mounds, a lake, and restaurant called "Rats". RAT'S RESTAURANT. (Would you believe it!). You need to wait several weeks to get seated. I feel the need to share some of the adventure with you.Below are some shots in the form of slideshows to give you some idea of the sculptures.