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A 26-inch, 9-lbs brown trout caught in the Niagara River off the breakwall near the Peace Bridge!

We were saying goodbye to Fr. Clement Jarnot at St. Francis of Assisi church, across the street from St. Francis High School. Fr. Romulus, stationed at Fr. Baker Basilica in Lackawanna was there and, knowing that somewhere in his genetic makeup, fishing was a part of his life.... "Let's go fishin'", I said. "OK," he said, "let me check and I'll get back to you." Friday was ok and so we met at the foot of Ferry Street, just about were Rich got rich and not far from the Peace Bridge at the mouth of Lake Erie. Quite a number of the elderly of all races and ethnic backgrounds were there with their fondest hopes that something would be caught.

But not much was happening. One retired gent offered a yellow perch he had caught. And so it went through noon. Finally, Romulus said, " Well, I think I've had it; let's go out onto the walk past the Peace Bridge to the Mouth of Lake Erie." We went. Quite a walk. After attempting here and there, there was a shout from Romulus who was well up into the walk. I grabbed my pole and gear and hurried up to see what the excitement was about. Romulus had just reeled "IT" in after a careful and valiant effort.

There it was...a great brown trout.

NINE POUNDS AND 36 INCHES LONG What a great catch! Fr. Romulus lugged the giant back to the parking lot. We took some pictures. A young man said he had just got his license six days ago and looked like he was going to enjoy fishing. "You've inspired me," he said. We wished him luck. Romulus offered to give me the "great fish." It was very friarly of him. Of course, I accepted and brought it home.

After gutting and preparing fillets, I searched for a recipe on Google and came up with one that looked good. I prepared half the fish in a baking dish. A cup of sour cream, a cup of parmesan cheese. a tablespoon of minced onion, 1/2 tsp. salt all mixed up and poured over and a sprinkle of paprika. 350 for 35.

I should here like to thank Romulus for a great friday meal.

May the Lord Bless Him and keep him Safe.