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PSU Senior Year

Caroline and her watermelon

My goodness, what happened to Caroline's teeth??!!

Fred, who was a student at PSU my freshman year and who I saw a few times in Strasbourg because that's where he's from, came back for the first time to visit Penn State over Arts Fest. Here I am at the Dark Horse with him and Ilka, whom he stayed with for part of his visit.

My head is apparently way too small to be the Mona Lisa

What bathing beauties!

Ooh, more bathing beauties! ;-)

We visited this big, plastic air sculpture thing designed by Architects of Air. Although it was very warm inside, all the different colors (produced by the sunlight filtering through the plastic) were pretty cool. This picture is of Niki, Ilka and Fred in "The Green Dome"

Me, Ilka and Niki take a break in a small pod-like thing

The sculpture from the outside

Me and Niki out at the Crowbar with her friend Paul, whom she worked with at Exxon during summer 2003. He was very generous and bought us many pitchers :-)

Green Eggs and Spam played that night, which was pretty cool, cause it was Niki's last weekend as a resident in State College, and the first time we saw them was the first night of freshman year, so it was pretty much the first thing we did together in college, and the last.

I spent a really nice day at Whipple Dam with a lot of people from the Euro Club... I went swimming, canoeing and played volleyball. Here's a shot of the volleyball action -- exciting, huh!

On Katie's last night in State College (it's sad, everyone's leaving forever!), Caroline and I went with her to Zeno's, where this older guy was sitting at a table across from this stuffed cat. They both had beers. I really liked the cat (a little too much, probably), so Katie and I took our picture with it.

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